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Cloud Notes For Windows Phone 7 & PC Creates Notes, Syncs With Dropbox

Looking for a simple way to sync notes from your Windows Phone 7 device and Windows PC to your Dropbox account and back? Look no further than Cloud Notes. The app lets you create notes, share them via email and upload them to your Dropbox cloud storage. Both the mobile client and desktop variant establish a two-way sync between notes stored on your WP7 device/PC and a directory of your choice within your Dropbox folder. That is, any changes made to notes from within the app will be reflected in their Dropbox copies and vice versa. The application is not to be confused with a previously reviewed desktop gadget by the same name that syncs notes with Google Docs. More after the break.


You can register multiple Dropbox accounts with the mobile client. The app allows you to specify an account for every note that you create. To add a Dropbox account, simply drag the taskbar on the app’s home screen upwards and select accounts. Once registration of your account is complete, the app asks you to specify a destination directory within your Dropbox folder. If the specified directory doesn’t exist, the app will create it for you. All notes are uploaded to a subdirectory labeled CloudNotes within the specified directory. If a directory isn’t specified, the app simply creates the CloudNotes folder in the root Dropbox directory.

From the app’s home screen you can create new notes (new), edit (tap) and delete (hold down / long-press) existing ones and re-sync (reload) with your Dropbox cloud storage.

Notes are uploaded in XML format containing detailed info including the title, date and time of upload and text body. Uploaded files are better viewed and edited using the app’s desktop client (download link provided at the end) if you wish to do so using your Windows PC.


To access uploaded files from Cloud Notes’ desktop application, you must register the same account(s) with it from within the Accounts tab, specifying the correct destination directory as shown in the screenshot above. Once that is done, you will be able to view, edit, delete and save notes from within the Notes tab (screenshot below).


Cloud Notes may not compare to the likes of Evernote in functionality and appearance, but it offers something that the latter doesn’t – a two-way sync with your Dropbox account.

You can grab the app for free from Zune Marketplace via the link provided below. You must, of course, have the Zune application installed to download it to your phone.

Download Cloud Notes For Windows Phone 7

Download Cloud Notes For Windows

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