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Clover: Get Google Chrome-Like Tabbed File Browsing In Windows Explorer

While tabbed-interface dates back to as early as 1980’s, web browsers like Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome made it mainstream. They eradicated the need to open more than a single window to browse different web pages simultaneously. Other than that, tabs are commonly found everywhere – from a small utility console to an application’s settings panel. There are many third-party Windows Explorer alternatives as well, which facilitate you to work with multiple directories in conjunction, using the same tab interface or using multiple panes. This allows you to perform everyday computer tasks, such as copy, paste, move, cut or deletion of files a tad bit easier. Windows native File Explorer doesn’t support tab interface yet, and it would be a divine feature should Microsoft opts for something similar in future iterations of their decades old Windows operating system. Until then, you can try this ultralight, and all the same, very handy Windows Explorer extension labeled as Clover. This extension is designed to add Google Chrome-like tabs GUI on top of the Explorer of every window. No longer you need to have multiple windows opened at the same time. More details to follow.

If you juxtapose the tabs interface of Clover and Google Chrome over each other, you’d hardly find any difference. In fact, Clover also allows you to bookmark your favorite tabs on the bookmarks bar for easy access. Opening a new tab works the same way as you do on the aforementioned web browser; simply click the miniscule add button at the right end of the tabs and you will have a new Computer tab placed on the table for you. The extension also supports hotkeys to perform common operations like opening and closing the tabs, and bookmarking the selected tab.


Bookmarking a selected tab is no further than pressing Ctrl + D on your keyboard. A small pop up window will appear, from where you can type its name and select the bookmark folder. You may also click Edit to open another mini console, which includes additional options like creating a new bookmark folder.

Clover_Bookmark single

Right-clicking a tab opens up a context menu, which holds a few more options related to the tabs. For instance, you can Duplicate the selected tab, Pin the tab to the left, Close tabs, Close other tabs, Close tabs to the right, Reopen closed tab and Bookmark all tabs (in one go). If you’ll notice, all these options are exactly similar to what Chrome gives its users.


In a nutshell, Clover is a fabulous utility that makes file browsing a completely new experience. It works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8, on both 32-bit and 64-bit OS editions.

Download Clover


  1. you can apply themes from google chrome ! find some themes on the web with ” .crx” extension then apply them by the preference ! not all themes work but you can find some nice ones

  2. nice look, pretty useful. but uses too much cpu for what it does. i use chrome so its nice having the tabs there that im used to finally on explorer windows. it works basically the same, click and drag a tab away from said window to open another or click n drag the tab back to it to merge them again. i use dexpot for virtual desktops and ultramon for my second monitor and have had no trouble switching between either

    edit: i agree / / definitely needs skin options

    • apply “.crx” files ! they are google chrome themes, not all themes are working fine but it can help you ! you apply them from the prefs

  3. Probably the best of tab extensions for Explorer. I just wish it had some skinning options. Does not look too attractive on default Windows 7 theme.

  4. NOTE: Clover DOES NOT play well with Display Fusion for dual monitors. I had to uninstall Clover after attempting to drag it over to the second monitor. It completely glitched the top half of explorer, making it unusable. Sad… I was really loving it before that happened.

    • I’d just like to mention that I don’t have any problem with Display Fusion and dual monitors working with Clover — hot keys and all. So it might just be you or they might have patched it in the six months since you left the comment.

      Just a heads up.

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