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Colasoft Ping Tool: Ping IP Addresses & Graphically Compare Response Times

Ping is a computer network administration tool used to test if a certain host is reachable or not. It is also used to measure the round-trip time for messages sent from one host location to a destination computer. Previously, we have covered some network administrator utilities to ping local and remote locations, such as GPING (a portable utility that pings hosts and generates graphs for multiple host responses simultaneously), and FreePing Tool (a GUI-based application which allows you to ping host addresses to track the overall server time). Today, we have another similar tool for you, Colasoft Ping Tool, which allows you to ping multiple IP addresses at a time and plot the response times on a graph. The application allows you to save ping charts in a BMP file. More on Colasoft Ping Tool after the break.

The application can be used to ping client machines on the network, check domains’ availability and measure the total up-time of any specified websites. To plot and monitor the ping data, just enter the host address (IP address & Domain name) in the address bar at the top and press Enter. The main window at the top shows the response time and date/time stamps in a graph created by all the ping responses, while in the bottom-pane you will find its summary and details. There are several details available at the bottom, such as IP address, Location, total number of Packets Sent, Packets Received, Packets Lost, Minimum response time and other elements. www.addictivetips.com - Colasoft Ping Tool Other than the default Graph form, you can also view the ping chart in Line Chart and Area Chart forms. Moreover, the Chart menu at the top lets you toggle 3D View, Legend Box and Gridline on and off. google Select Settings under options to specify the Packet Size, Packet Time-To-Live, Ping Timeout, Delay between PINGs, Address Transmitted and Poll Interval. Moving the slider to the left reduces the selected setting, while moving it to the right side increases it. Options Colasoft Ping Tool allows you to ping and compare response time of more than one hosts at a time. To ping multiple addresses during a single session, enter their IP addresses or Domain names in the address bar separated by a comma and hit Enter. The details of all the domains will be grouped according to their domain names. google.com, yahoo.com, - Colasoft Ping Tool.png Multiple Colasoft Ping Tool works on both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8. Download Calasoft Ping Tool

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