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Comodo Programs Manager: Manage Windows Drivers, Features, Updates, etc

Comodo Programs Manager is freeware from Comodo which allows users to manage System drivers and services, Windows Features, and Windows Updates, and Add/Remove Programs functionality under one hood. In other words, it saves time and allows easier access to most important Windows features.

It offers a simple interface with the main functions listed and accessible from the left side bar. It offers four different sets of functions; uninstalling or repairing applications (similar to Windows Add/Remove function), listing system drivers and services, enabling/disabling Windows features, and listing Windows Updates.

From Programs side bar, you can select an application to repair or uninstall it. You can also create a backup of uninstalled applications by selecting the option from top-right Settings menu. By selecting this option, a backup is made for all applications that are uninstalled from the system. To restore a backup, click Programs from the side bar and then click Restore Backup.


In Drivers and Services, a list of all system drivers and services is maintained. Click on any driver/service to view options menu, which will also allow you to uninstall the driver from the system. Under Windows Features, you can check/uncheck Windows features to turn them on or off. You may be prompted to reboot your system to activate the changes. Windows Updates displays a list of all updates that have been installed for your system.

There is nothing peculiar about this application. It can only be used as an alternative to Windows-based features. Some functions should only be accessed if you’re a computer expert. For instance, you shouldn’t try to uninstall any system driver or service unless you’re certain about the results.

It supports Windows 7 OS, testing was carried out on Windows 7, x86 system.

Download Comodo Programs Manager

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