How to make concrete in Minecraft

Concrete was added to Minecraft in 2017. It does not offer the kind of blast resistance in the game that you’d expect it to. Compared to stone, it is very low on the list of blocks that offer any meaningful blast resistance. That said, Concrete looks so much better than stone, cobblestone, and even smooth stone that many users prefer it for better, aesthetic builds.

Concrete in Minecraft

Concrete does not spawn naturally in Minecraft. It is an item that must be crafted. It uses fairly common blocks to craft however, one of the items needed to craft a concrete block is a dye. Concrete cannot be created without dye. The dye will determine the color of the block.

Craft concrete in Minecraft

Concrete blocks are crafted in stacks of 8. You need;


The recipe for Concrete is ‘shapeless’ i.e., it doesn’t matter what order the items are placed in. You can add the sand, gravel, and dye in any arrangement in the crafting table matrix (see image below).

Concrete colors in Minecraft

Concrete can be crafted in 16 colors. All you need is dye for the color. The available colors, and their dye ingredients are given below.


Concrete has to be a color. You can use white or grey colors if you do not want anything bright but you cannot remove dye from the recipe. Unlike glass which can be crafted to have no color, and later dyed if a user wants, Concrete does not have a ‘no color’ option.