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Console Is Multi-Tabbed And Customizable Alternative To Windows CMD

Do you work extensively in Windows Command Line Interpreter and miss some much-needed GUI related features which would’ve made using Windows CMD utility a lot easier? Console is little nifty replacement for Windows CMD. It incorporates multi-tabbed MDI based user interface allowing user to work in as many CMD windows as they want. You can rename any opened tab, apply different background and font color, change window opacity to view underlying workspaces, and, importantly, make use of text editors like text selection options to perform copy operations between opened Windows consoles seamlessly. The Console was designed to empower those who struggle using Windows classic CMD and often need to open multiple windows to run different commands concurrently. If you, for instance, open multiple CMD windows to ping servers for checking server response time and connectivity issues, with Console, instead of running multiple instances, just open a new tab to execute a different command set.

Console offers a simple yet highly customizable user interface. You can change every bit of the program ranging from color combination, background area, font size, color, family, screen size, highlighting pattern and so on. The multi-tabbed UI enables you to work in different locations under one hood. On the main toolbar, you can copy selected text, paste commands from clipboard, open new tabs and move through all the tabs.

Console 3

By default, it gives Console2 name to new tabs, however, from Edit menu, you can rename the tab. The Settings window offers extensive customization options. You can change Console basic settings, change update timeouts, define window size, map Console colors, etc.

console settings 2

From Appearance, you can change controls, styles and window transparency options. The Behavior window allows setting copy and paste options, which include, copy on select, clear selection on copy, enable / disable wrap long lines, copy newline character. You can also change Inactive tab activity flash settings.

console 5

It must be noted that some changes require you to restart Console. However, you can change window color and opacity without having to close and launch the application.


Console is great open source alternative to previously covered paid application PowerCMD. It works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7.

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