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Edit Channel Lists Exported From Samsung TV With SamToolBox

If you’ve recently exported your Samsung TV set channel list to USB, you must’ve been on the look out to edit and extend the channel list as per your choice. Since there are many channels which for some reason could not be identified during the channel search process, a SCM archive editor would surely help not only in customizing the list but adding those channels which are generally hard to find. SamToolBox is an open source application designed specifically for editing channel list exported from Samsung TV. It comes with SCM archive file support for B-series to D-series TV set generations. You can change the channel list in numerous ways. It allows swapping of two selected channels, filtering to find specific genre of channels and editing to tweak with channels names and order list. Furthermore, it lets you apply channel map sorting based on the reference channel list while it has the ability to render various kinds of databases including, Transponder, Satellite, Service Provider, etc.

The editing options enables you to create a fully customized favorite channels list. You just have to cut specified channels out of the list for creating your favorite lists of channels. On the main interface, select the TV Set followed by Channel Selector and filtering options after importing the channel list. To edit the exported list, on File menu, click Open. After you’ve done with defining TV set and other options, expand the SCM channel archive from SCM File Tree in main navigation bar.


SamToolBox is particularly written to give all sort of editing options which one would wish to perform over his / her channel list. You can increase or decrease channel number, add new channels, and swap position of two selected channels from Tools menu. The Channel Sorting options lets you create a new list to sort all the channels in the required order. The application offers multi-tabbed interface, allowing you to change channel order, edit lists, and to create ordered lists, separately.

When you have edited the channel list, you should first close the SCM archive by right-click channel file present under SCM File Tree. SamToolBox works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7.

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  1. LE32C450E1W  Firmware: T-MSX5DEUC-2011.0    Ennél a szériánál  csak a
    SamToolBox hajlandó tökéletesen működni. Más programmal szerkesztés után
    nem tudtam visszaírni a csatornalistát.
    Ha hasonló kinézetet kapna mint a Ch List pc editor nagyon király lenne.
    De így is tökéletes C450 tulajok örülhetnek.


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