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Collect MAC Addresses Of Remote PCs With EMCO MAC Address Scanner

Media Access Control address, generally known as, MAC address is assigned by the manufactures of NIC (Network Interface Cards) cards. MAC address is however not required to perform basic remote operations over the connected nodes, but in some cases, such as, Wake-on-LAN actions demand MAC address to be specified before remotely control connected PCs on the network. Finding MAC address of PCs is rather simple and all it needs to have a MAC identifier to find the MAC address individually, but it becomes a tiring task when you’re dealing with hundreds of PCs under different workgroups. EMCO MAC Address Scanner is an advance MAC identifier for all the nodes connected across the network(s). It’s capable of initiating an in-depth node scanning process to find all the active and passive systems on your network in order to find their MAC addresses.

Unlike other network tools which generally look for only connected clients on the network, EMCO MAC Address Scanner allows user to add single system by entering its NetBIOS info, multiple system by defining IP range, and group of machines through Base Name and other information.  Apart from adding system information manually, it offers an easy Enumeration wizard to find all the connected systems on the network. The wizard lets you choose scanning process –  complete scanning for all nodes or just specified groups.

On the main interface, it shows all the retrieved MAC addresses. For the first time, you need to scan you network using Scan Network option under MAC address Scan tab. If scanning network doesn’t help, you need to add machines manually or run Enumeration wizard to locate the systems.

EMCO MAC Address Scannen 1

Once network is scanned for connected systems, it will list down all the system under respective workgroups. Now, click Retrieve MAC address to view MAC addresses of all the systems. You can view properties of the selected system, import system lists, and export the selected systems’ MAC address along with other information in CSV and XML format.

Export Machines Wizard

EMCO MAC Address Scanner works on both client and server versions of Windows.

Download EMCO MAC Address Scanner

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