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HideIt Is Easiest Way To Minimize Application Windows To System Tray

Windows 7 prevents user from cluttering up the taskbar, as it piles up all the opened instances or windows of an application under one icon. But netbook users still face problems when they move between several locations where they use display monitors with different resolutions. In such a scenario, you may get to see clean and tidy taskbar on big monitors, but when you switch to your laptop screen, taskbar icons seem spread wide across the taskbar area. HideIt is a small application (you can also call it an extension) for Windows 7 which allows you to minimize applications to system tray. You just have to right-click minimize button of any active window and it will be moved to system tray instead of taskbar.

The application comes without an interface nor does it require any configuration. Just launch the application and it will sit in system tray. When you want to minimize an application to system tray, right-click minimize button and it will be minimized to system tray.


Although the HideIt allows you to restore either selected or all minimized windows, we faced some problems while restoring windows back to their original positions in some instances.

minimize application 1

Download HideIt

You can also check out previously covered MoveToTray to minimize those windows which don’t have minimize option enabled by default.

[via Lifehacker]


  1. You should do a test about Winroll, a very tiny yet powerfull feature enhancer for windows, it does a lot of thing related to the titlebar with only right,left and middle click on the title bar, and in one single midleclick on minimize (on you titlebar) you can minimize to tray in the form of an icon. it can also make windows stay in foreground and stuff like that.

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