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Convert EXE Installers To MSI With Optional Command Line Parameters

Windows application installers come in two file types; EXE and MSI. EXE is commonly used in all types of executable files including many app installers. MSI, on the other hand, is the standard format for installing Windows programs, based on the official Window Installer by Microsoft. They may look similar on the surface, and in fact, both work quite good for their purpose, deep down you will find quite a bit of differences between them. MSI performs a cleaner installation, which makes it easy to remove the program and all its traces from the appropriate locations. The EXE format often automatically checks if a computer is capable of running certain program or not and if it does, it automatically executes the included MSI file. If you have got some installation packages that you want to convert from EXE to MSI, give Exe To Msi Converter Free a shot. Boasting a decent and easily understandable interface, the program does the simple thing it’s advertised for, and does it exactly as it should. It also allows users to add command-line arguments for the resulting MSI file prior to conversion.

The interface of the tool carries two fields at the top. In the first one, you need to specify the EXE file that you would want to convert. The second field is the Command Line Parameter. The application automatically detects the suitable command line arguments for a chosen file on its own, but you can optionally specify custom ones if required.

Exe to MSI Converter free

Once a file is selected, the application displays pertaining information related to it. You may encounter situations when the tool is unable to detect appropriate command line parameters for the selected file. In such case, you will need to manually type them, or alternatively leave it blank if you don’t need any. Once done with that, simply click the ‘Build MSI’ button at the bottom. The tool doesn’t take much time to perform the conversion, but that may also depend on the size and nature of the file. Upon successfully performing the said conversion, a small dialog pops up confirming that the new output file has been created.

Exe to MSI

The tool creates the output file in the same directory as the original item. Overall, it’s quite a useful tool for those who require it. It’s small, lightweight and user-friendly.


The application works on all Windows operating systems including Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8. Both 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems are supported.

Download Exe To Msi Converter Free

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