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MagicanRest Forces You To Rest Your Eyes For Custom Time Periods

You’ve no doubt come across many apps that remind you to rest your eyes if you sit in front of the screen all day long. These apps regulate how long you work, and ensure you rest eyes for a certain number of minutes after spending a certain amount of time working. That’s simple enough, except most of these apps like to decide for themselves how long you should work and how long you should rest, and no one has the time to stop and take that many frequent breaks. MagicanRest is a free app available in the Mac App Store that reminds you to rest your eyes, but you get to choose when and how long to rest. The rest periods can be set at regular intervals of your choice, but can also be paused and disabled for a particular day. The rest screen, which prevents you from accessing our system, has an emergency button that lets you get back into your system should the need arise.

MagicanRest runs in the Menu Bar and from there, you can access its preferences, pause or resume the app, and also see how much time is left until the next rest period.

MagicanRest countdown MagicanRest menu

To set the length of the rest period, and your work period, go to MagicanRest’s preferences and define how long you want to rest, and how long you want to work, in minutes. Next, specify a time range when the app should run. For example; you might want it to run from 9AM – 6PM while you’re working, but not after that when you’re relaxing. Select the day when you want to disable the app altogether, e.g. on particularly busy days perhaps. The ‘Rest Screen’ that you see when the app locks you out of your system can be selected from four available options. Lastly, there’s the option to set a password for making changes to MagicanRest’s preferences. This is helpful if you’ve decided to install the app on a Mac that your whole family shares, and you want to ensure that no one sits in front of too long.

MagicanRest pref

MagicanRest’s rest screen gives you tips for healthy eyes and shows a timer so you can see how much of your rest period is left. There is a ‘For Emergency’ button at the bottom-right that gives you instant access to your Mac, and there seems to be no way disable it.


MagicanRest only makes it so you can’t see the screen, but any and all processes that you might have running will continue to work, and your keyboard will still be responsive.

Download MagicanRest for Mac

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