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Cooltweak: Resize, Watermark & Share Images From Windows Context Menu

Even simple tasks in photo editors (like image resizing and watermarking) become twice as complex if you’re not sure what you’re doing (let me not get even started on Photoshop). Amidst such situations, you’re better off with simpler solutions. Previously, we have covered some very cool and user-friendly image editing software that increases productivity and costs less effort. Cooltweak perfectly emulates that idea, and is designed to make photo resizing and watermarking images not farther than contextual menu access (could it get any simpler?). It also lets you share photos on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Picassa, without even firing up the web browser. The application integrates itself in the right-click context menu of Windows, and effectively allows you to access everything from the sub-menus. The sub-menus themselves are also fully customizable to create custom actions.

Cooltweak is only visible when you right-click an image file. The contextual menu contains predefined actions, such as Open editor (to execute main application), Resize, Resize to 700px & 1600px, Add a watermark, Share on Facebook, Picassa and Twitter. Suppose you want an image to automatically resize itself to 700 pixels, all you have to do is click its pertaining sub-menu action and your new image will be instantly saved in CoolTweek folder under parent directory of the file. Likewise, you may access other related actions.

Cooltweak_Contexual Menu

Clicking Open Editor executes the Menu editor window. This window allows you to customize the application’s contextual menu settings according to your preferences. For example, you can drag the items in contextual menu up and down to reposition them. You may even create groups for, say, all photo sharing actions under one main sub-menu. My contextual menu section displays all the existing and newly-created sub-menus.

Cooltweak - Menu editor

Another brilliant feature of Cooltweak is its photo sharing capabilities, allowing you to instantly upload images to social networks. For instance, you can publish photos on Facebook by signing into your account from within the application itself. It allows you to either create new albums or upload them to existing ones.


Another handy feature I found is that the program allows you to create custom contextual sub menus. You can pick from a set of predefined actions, such as one menu for publishing photos in same size, and another that will allow resizing every time. Likewise, you can specify custom sizes for one click image resizing.

Cooltweak_New Menu

A lot of us often use watermarking for copyright purposes. Cooltweak can set both text or picture as watermark, and completely customize them in terms of size, position and repetition on your selected photo.


Overall, I think CoolTweak is a brilliant software. It perfectly reduces image tweaking and photo sharing hindrances that most of us face quite frequently. It works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

Download CoolTweak


  1. Looks nice. But the webinstaller is in French and won’t install on Windows 7 64-bits. The downloadlink for the full installer doesn’t work. 🙁

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