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Copy An Image Or Contents Of A Text File Without Opening It [Windows]

The clipboard is a very basic and exceptionally important feature in every operating system. Both desktop and mobile operating systems support this feature and you will still find apps that attempt to give you something that is far more powerful. These third party clipboard apps might let you copy multiple text snippets, store your clipboard history after a system restart, or copy text while preserving the formatting. Copy Contents is a free Windows app that makes copying text from a simple text file or copying an image much faster. Instead of first opening the text file or the image, selecting its contents, and hitting Ctrl+C, the app lets your right-click the file and copy its contents from the Copy Contents context menu option that it adds.

The app is a really small download and installs in half a minute. Once installed, right-click a JPG, PCX, PNG, BMP, TGA, GIF and TIF image file, or a simple text file with the TXT or SRT (or similar) extension. Select the Copy Contents option from the right-click context menu and the text within the text file, or the image itself (not its path) will be copied to your clipboard.

A notification in the top right quadrant of your screen will notify you that the content has been copied. You can then proceed to pasting the text content in a text field in your browser, or in a different text editor. The images can likewise be pasted in an image editing app like MS Paint.


This app is really great for designers who might have to repeatedly open open files just to paste them elsewhere. It works well and we can only hope for support for additional file formats. The app was built for Windows 7 and above. It was tested on Windows 10 Technical Preview where it worked flawlessly. It may or may not work on Windows XP.

Install Copy Contents For Windows


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