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Copy Data From PC To USB Or External Hard Drive Silently

USB Grabber is an open source utility that can grab data from a PC to a USB drive without any permissions being asked or notifications being raised. This tool is more like a data grabber rather than a backup tool, since it runs silently in the background and grabs data as soon as the USB drive is plugged in.

The software runs with a tray icon which can be hidden easily for complete secrecy. The proper way to use it is to put the USB Grabber exe file inside your USB drive, plug the drive in and run the software. Hitting the Grab button will initiate the copy process.


A folder under the name of Grabbed Data will be created within the flash drive, and all copied data would be stored there. You can specify a particular criteria for grabbing the files; otherwise the program will attempt to copy absolutely everything. The settings dialog allows you to define these options.


While USB Grabber is running, be careful not to remove the USB drive, else you risk corrupting your data. Once the settings have been defined, the program will begin its data copying job with any need for future interventions on the user’s part, making it totally silent and unnoticeable (you can even hide the tray icon as well).

USB Grabber is a very lightweight tool, weighing in at only 382 KB. We tested the program on Windows 7 x86 system.

Download USB Grabber


  1. @Guillaume, don’t be such a moron. A person that has a hard drive that crashed and is trying to recover their files is bound to get many permission errors while trying to back up data.

    This gets around that.

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