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How to copy mouse sensitivity from one game to another on Windows 10

We touched on DPI settings for the mouse earlier this month but in context of use on the desktop. Mouse sensitivity is a pretty important thing in games, especially point and shoot ones. Some games set a default sensitivity level based on the DPI settings for the mouse while others allow users to input a sensitivity level down to decimal points. If you have a game set up with the perfect mouse sensitivity, you can use Sensitivity Matcher to copy it to other games.

There is a limitation here; you can copy the mouse sensitivity from any game however, in order to use the same sensitivity the game must allow you to enter a custom value. For this, we’re going to get the mouse sensitivity from Minecraft which does not have a precise mouse sensitivity control, and copy it to Team Fortress 2 which does have one.

Copy mouse sensitivity from a game

We’re going to start with the game that has the perfect mouse sensitivity for you. Download Sensitivity Matcher and run it. Open the ‘Select preset yaw’ dropdown and check if the game you want to copy the sensitivity for is listed there, if it, select it. If not, select the ‘Measure any game’ option.

To start and stop recording, use the Alt+/ keyboard shortcut.

Open the game you want to copy mouse sensitivity from. Aim the cursor at the corner of an object and take note of it. Start recording with the Alt+/ keyboard shortcut and then tap the Alt+Backspace key. This will force the game to do a full 360 degree turn. In some cases, it might overshoot the turn and end up farther than where it started, or it might undershoot it. How can you tell? The cursor should end up where it was when you started.

If it doesn’t, use the Alt++ keyboard shortcut to fix undershooting i.e., stopping before a full 360 degree turn and use the Alt+- keyboard shortcut to fix overshooting i.e., stopping much later after completing a full 360 degree turn.

Stop the recording with the Alt+/ shortcut. Return to the app and note down the sensitivity value that it has detected.

Switch over to the app that you want to copy the sensitivity to and go to its control configuration screen. Look for the mouse sensitivity entry and enter the exact value that Sensitivity Matcher recorded into the game. Save the change and take the game for a test run.

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