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Copy Multiple Files To Multiple Directories Simultaneously

jMultiFilesAndDirsCopy is portable application that helps copy multiple files to multiple directories. It also offers support for overwriting similar files or skipping these files, depending on the settings you choose. An automatic log of all copied files is created, allowing you to view file copying history when you want.

It is a Java-based application. From the main interface, click Choose a File and navigate to the file you want to copy. Click Add the File button to add the selected files to the application. Select the directory to which you want to copy selected files by clicking on Choose a Dir button. Check options for file overwriting or skipping similar files from the top if Matching: options. Click Copy src to copy the selected files to the designated folders.


To view a log of all copied files, click Show log option. Selected files may be cleared off the application from the Clear Lists button.

A handy tool that can prove to be of much use for users looking to copy multiple files into multiple directories. You can also copy files to multiple external storage devices to save time.

It supports Windows 7 OS, testing was carried out on Windows 7, x86 system.

Download jMultiFilesAndDirsCopy


  1. Awesome program. I have written a VB 2010 program for a project, but the files do not always copy for some reason. Your program works excellent, and I have a request if at all possible. Every month I receive updates from our vendor where I need to copy different group of files to different groups of folders. Now your program will do one group at a time, so my request is an option for extra groups so I do not have to stop and load the next group. I would need 6 groups.

  2. Hi,

    I’m Alessandro, the author of jMultiFilesAndDirsCopy.

    First of all, thanks for your review of my app.

    I suggest you to try the last version,, a minor update with the following enhancements:
    – import and export of lists of files and dirs as xml file
    – progress bars in log window for files and dirs
    – fixed automatic text scrolling in log window with large number of files.

    In my next step I’m going to add a new tab called “GroupCopy”, a sort of “MultiCopy” extension to more than one group of files and dirs at the same time.
    Take a look at my home page for further details.


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