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How to copy multiple items to the clipboard on Windows 10

Windows 10 has a built-in clipboard history feature but it’s tied to your Microsoft account. If you enable it, it will sync your clipboard history to your other devices via Microsoft’s servers and for some users, that’s too invasive. The feature is great but for users who don’t like sharing data with Microsoft, opting out is the only option. If you’re looking for something like Windows 10 clipboard history, but works locally, you can use Multiclip. It’s a free, open-source app that can copy multiple items to the clipboard. Like the Windows 10 feature, it can copy both text and images, and you can recall a complete list of everything you’ve copied.

Copy multiple items to the clipboard

Download Multiclip from Github. It’s a portable app that does not need to be installed. You should visit the app’s settings first where you can select a theme for the app and more importantly, you can familiarize yourself with the keyboard shortcuts for the app.

The keyboard shortcuts can be edited. Click the Edit button at the top right of the Hot keys section and record the shortcuts you want to use. The default shortcuts aren’t the greatest and since you won’t be using the stock clipboard history, you can use Windows shortcuts for this app.

As for using Multiclip, you copy items with the same keyboard shortcut you’ve always used; Ctrl+C.

Whenever you need to recall your clipboard history, use the app’s keyboard shortcut to open the log. You can scroll through the items and select the item you want to use.

Multiclipboard will store forty items in its history by default but you can increase that number from the app’s settings. You can also purge your entire history, or just clear what’s currently on it. The buttons are there in the app’s settings.

Your clipboard history will persist past a system reboot. The app has to be set to run at startup. It stores everything locally so your data isn’t going everywhere. That said, and this goes for every clipboard manager in the world, you should never store sensitive information to the clipboard. If you have copied sensitive information to the clipboard and Multiclip has saved it, you can delete it by opening the history. Right-click the item that you want to remove and select the remove option from the context menu. You can select and delete multiple items at once.

Multiclip can copy text and images, but it can also copy and store any and all other types of files.

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