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Create A Quick LAN Connection Between Two Computers In Windows

Last year I wrote a detailed guide for creating a quick ad-hoc wireless connection between two computers in Windows Vista. The problem is that not everybody has wireless card installed in their computers. So this guide will focus on creating a Local Area Network(LAN) connection between two computers in both Windows Vista and XP.

First go and buy the straight patch Ethernet LAN cable(make sure that ‘patch’ or ‘crossover’ is written on the cord) and connect them to both computers.

In Windows XP: Go to Network Connections Control Panel, right-click Local Area Network connection and select Properties. Now select Internet Protocol(TCP/IP) and click Properties.

In Windows Vista: Go to Network and Sharing Center, select Manage Network Connections, right-click Local Area Network connection and select Properties. Now select Internet Protocol Version 4(TCP/IPv4) and click Properties.

Now once you are inside the TCP/IP properties of your computer, click Use the following IP and enter as IP address and as subnet mask. Leave the other details blank and click OK.

Internet Protocol IP Properties

Now go to TCP/IP properties of the second computer and enter the same details except the IP address, which should be and click OK.

Internet Protocol IP Properties 2

Now the networks are ready, you might need to restart both computers in some cases. If you are looking to share the Internet Connection between two computers, go to Local Area Network properties again and click on Sharing tab. Here you can select the enable internet connection sharing.

local area connection internet sharing

To share files and folders between the two computers, go to the properties of that  file/folder and select Sharing tab. Click Share to being sharing it on the network.

sharing properties

Let me know if this works for you. Enjoy!

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  • Great Post, way to connect PCs



  • slacker

    Awesome! A quick tutorial that is really helpful!

  • Larry White

    You can do this a LOT easier by downloading and installing Synergy (its free) at

  • amarjeet singh

    where is it sharing tab on network connection

  • duy hu

    do I need a switch or a router for this to work

  • stealdude

    also try this website http://www.exoticpages.info

  • Sparsh Kuchhal

    but my lan ip address is and

    • Deepak

      so change the IP and restart your computer and see net is connected

  • Sparsh Kuchhal

    but my lan ip address is and

  • Sparsh Kuchhal

    but my lan ip address is and

  • Noah

    Can I create a LAN between two computers runing different operating systems ?

    • sourav

      why not you can

  • stealdude

    yes you can create LAN between different operating systems.

    If you want to know LAN between 2 computers with different windows OS, refer to http://www.exoticpages.info.

  • sami

    how make a 4 pcs natworking

  • Manohar

    how to connect 3 PC’s or laptops in a LAN without Switch /Hub?:

  • ponbabitha

    what is the way to connect net in connecting lan pc’s and what system should act as a server
    and can i changed the client content in server

  • i want 5 pc’s are connect in lan bia Switch D-link
    total configuration give me so i could lanwise connectivity

  • Sandeep

    I have a Laptop which do not have lan plug , it has only eternet plug . So i can’t connect it to with my PC which have lan plug in it. what should i do to make quick lan between mu PC and laptop. My PC has windows Xp and Laptop have Windows 7.

  • pardeep

    great trick

  • wes

    can i use this on windows7 ??

  • M.Shameer ahamed sha

    very very use ful………………………

  • reskull

    Man that is great !!!
    it means i can play games those support LAN ?!

  • shailesh

    hey………please tell me that will it work in windows 7…..

    • Hamid

      yes it will work in Windows 7. u need to read the above mentioned tutorial Carefully to do.

  • Kuldeep Sharma

    how to use lan conection bitween two pc with mtnl broadband

  • Hamid

    Its Very Helpful Thanks.
    But I can’t Find the other Computer Files and Folders, How can I Find the other Computer’s Files and Folders???

    • Ahoura

      you have to share the files and folders in that pc you wanna see them in another pc, right click on folders or drivers and go to properties, in share part do share.

  • kevin Maroun

    I did all the things that is written but in one of the 2 computers I have an exclamation mark next to the local area connection icon (on the taskbar)
    This computer is windows 7 and 64 bit.
    Can anyone reply to me?

  • Grijesh mishra

    Good work realy thanx ..

  • Manna157


  • Rokushiki

    I can’t find 
    Internet Protocol Version 4(TCP/IPv4).

  • Bennie Bala

    i would like to play games wiyh this lan… is it possib?

  • Bennie Bala

    i would like to play games wiyh this lan… is it possib?

  • Sumantabanerjee Bnk

    thank you
    it is very helpfully
    very very thanks

  • Prashant

    thank you it’s very helpfully


    thank you bro.i like this…………..

  • bayastheen

    nice . . . . .

  • dinesh

    no it’s not working

    • diensh

      help please

  • ansh

    I want to connect three or more pc
    Lan cables and ethernet switch how all three pc can b connected????
    Plz help me