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Create Bootable USB Drive To Install Windows 7/Vista/XP

Since Windows 7 launch is coming near, everyone is asking me for a good way to make their USB bootable and then installing Windows 7 from it. Ofcourse installing Windows from USB is much more faster, so it makes sense to install it from there.

But for that you DON’T need to enter stupid commands to make your USB drive bootable, nor do you need to buy or use ISO tools to extract the content. All you have to use is UNetbootin and change the bootable drive to USB from Bios settings. So wait…umm…is this all? Yes that is all, you don’t have to follow hundred of lazy confusing steps to install Windows 7 from USB drive.

Most people have the wrong concept, they think that all they have to do is simply copy ISO file to USB and the rest is left in God’s hand. Which is totally wrong procedure followed due to laziness. Actually it works this way, first you need to make the USB Drive Bootable, then extract the content inside ISO to USB Drive, and finally make USB the primary drive to boot(which can be done from BIOS settings). Thankfully UNetbootin takes care of the first two steps and the 3rd step has to be done manually.

We have covered a guide before in details which requires a total of two steps only. Read the full guide here. Beware that it will format your USB drive before automatically making it bootable and copying the content from the ISO file. So, you must use an empty USB Drive(4GB minimum). Enjoy!

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