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How To Create A Text On Solid Color Wallpaper

Wallpaper aren’t always beautiful landscapes, cool graphics, or movie posters. Text on solid color can often make for a good wallpaper. A nice inspirational quote, or a witty one-liner looks just as good. You can make a simple text on solid color wallpaper with Paint but Paint isn’t exactly the best tool for the job. For one, once you exit a text box, you can’t go back and edit it again. If you need something simple, give Text Wallpaper a try. It’s a simple app that is built solely for creating a text on solid color wallpaper.

Text On Solid Color Wallpaper

Text Wallpaper gives you limited color options to work with for your wallpaper. Visit the app and select a background color. Click inside the default text and type whatever inspirational quote or witty one-liner you want to see on your desktop.

Open the color box next to the text size tool, and select a contrasting color for the text. The text tool allows you to increase the text size but unfortunately, you cannot change the font size.

Once you’ve got it looking the way you want it, click the download button and save the image to your desktop. Right-click it and select the Set as desktop background option, or use the Settings app and set the image as the wallpaper from the Personalization group of settings.

This tool is limited in a few ways; it’s only for desktops, you have limited colors available, and there are no options for the font. It is still simple to use and if you like to update your wallpaper often with the same type of wallpaper i.e., text on solid color, this app is the most convenient way to do it.

If you’re looking for more color options or fonts, you might have to use a different image editing app. We recommend using Paint or Paint.net. Paint.net is actually a better option because it has support for layers and it makes editing the image much easier. Additionally, it’s easier to center text, or align it in Paint.net.

If you want, you can use an image as the background and add text to it in Paint.net. You will of course need to find the right color for the text so that it’s readable on the busier background. As a rule, white text with a black border is normally visible on any background regardless how busy it is.

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