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Cryptor – Encrypt, Secure, & Protect Any File Or Folder

Cryptor is a free utility for both Windows And Mac that has been developed to quickly encrypt any file on the fly. Instead of using tools that require complicated command line functions, this tool can secure your files in just two clicks.

Since it was developed keeping speed in mind, the encryption and decryption is the securest, fastest, and the most easiest of any app I have encountered. You just have to hit Add, select the file and folder that you want to secure and hit Encrypt/Decrypt button.


It will then ask you to enter the password for each file or folder, if you want the same password for all items, check ‘Always Use This Password’ option.

Encrypting File And Folder

Once done, it will then start packing your files and folders and compress them into a secure .wtf files.

packing files   Secure wtf file

Now you can exit the app and copy the secure files to any safe location. You can also copy the secure files to a USB Drive for portability. To decrypt any file, double-click it and it will start the Cryptor app, now hit the Encrypt/Decrypt button and it will ask a password to decrypt the file. Enter the password and hit OK to unpack the secure file.

Decrypt secure file

By default it uses Blowfish encryption which is the strongest encryption technology so far. You can change the encryption type by going to Preferences.

Cryptor Preferences The interesting part is that it doesn’t delete the source file after packing them into a secure .wtf file, nor does it delete the secure file after decrypting it. If you want the source file to be automatically removed, check the ‘Delete source after encryption/decryption’ checkbox in Preferences.

Download Cryptor

It works on Windows XP, Windows Server 2003/2008, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Mac OS X Leopard, and Mac OS X Snow Leopard. Enjoy!

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