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Portable Amazon S3 Browser

Portable Amazon S3 Browser is a portable file explorer for Amazon S3 service that requires no installation to run. Just extract the content to your USB Drive and use it on the go.

Most Amazon S3 file explorers don’t come in portable version, so a portable version of the popular file explorer Amazon S3 Browser is a great addition. It has all the basic functionalities such as, Download and Upload, Cut/Copy/Paste, Delete/Rename files & folder, Create a new folder or refresh the content of existing folder, Edit ACLs and Custom Headers.

On the left sidebar you will find options to create, delete, rename, and refresh buckets. On the bottom window you will find tasks, sharing & security, and custom headers. You can also navigate to a custom path by entering the path in Current Path field. You can manage multiple accounts, and customize the program settings.

Amazon S3 Browser Portable

Amazon S3 BrowserYou can even launch it in non-administrator mode in both Windows Vista and 7. You can carry it on any device, even your iPod or iPhone.

Download S3 Brower Portable

It works on Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7. Enjoy!


  1. Thanks for reviewing S3 Browser!

    We are also launching new product TntDrive – http://tntdrive.com – it will allow to mount Amazon S3 Buckets as a local hard-disk drive.

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