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How To Customize Quiet Hours, Now Focus Assist On Windows 10

When Windows 10 first released to the general public, it had lots of features that didn’t work right, or that weren’t fully developed. Some of those features worked if you had a Windows phone which, no one really does. Quiet Hours was one of those features. It was Windows 10’s version of Do Not Disturb but it was little more than a toggle. Now, a good 2 years after its initial release, Microsoft finally lets you customize Quiet Hours. The feature has been renamed to Focus Assist and it now does a few more tricks.

Focus Assist has not yet rolled out to the stable release channel of Windows 10. It’s only available on the Windows 10 Insider Build 17083. There is no date yet as to when the feature will roll out to everyone else. It will most likely be part of a major Windows 10 update that we can expect in the first half of 2018. Other major features to look forward to in the next major Windows 10 update include the Timeline feature.

Customize Quiet Hours (Focus Assist)

To customize quiet hours, open the Settings app. Go to the System group of settings, and you will see a new tab called Focus Assist. Focus Assist has three modes; Off, Priority Only, and Alarms Only.

The Off mode is self explanatory and the Alarms mode is basically the ‘On’ mode with nothing except your alarms ringing when it is enabled. The Priority Only mode is the one that you want to look closer at. It allows you to enable Quiet Hours/ Focus Assist but add exceptions to which notifications can be displayed on your screen during those hours.

You can manually turn on Focus Assist from the Action Center but you can also schedule when it should turn on from this same settings panel.

Scroll down on the Focus Assist page and you will see Automatic Rules that you can configure for Focus Assist. The ‘During these times’ rule lets you set your ‘quiet hours’ i.e. when Focus Assist should automatically be enabled. You can also enable options to turn on Focus Assist when you’re duplicating your display or playing a game.

Lastly, you will also want to enable the ‘Show me a summary of what I missed while focus assist was on’ option.

You can quickly enable and disable Focus Assist from the Action Center. The setting icon for Focus Assist in the Action Center is the same one that was used for Quiet Hours.

Microsoft has taken its time to add these settings but it hasn’t missed anything. Focus Assist is the Do Not Disturb mode that Windows 10 users needed.


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