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Remove Preinstalled Bloatware From Your Windows PC With Decrap

Desktop and laptop manufacturers like HP, Sony, Asus and Dell often load their computers with a ton of bloatware out of the box, making the end user experience sluggish. These apps are often deeply integrated into the operating system, making them hard to remove by users. I don’t know anybody who wants that crappy navigation software from Dell, or Toshiba’s clean up tool to get rid of junk files. It’s your PC, and you should have the complete control over it. If you are looking for a handy Windows software that can easily get rid of all such preinstalled unwanted apps off your computer in one go, then look no further than Decrap. It’s a small program that enables you to easily and safely remove all bloatware that comes preinstalled by different PC manufacturers, without any hassle.

Here’s how the application works: When installed, it performs an initial scan of your computer, analyzing different files to optimize the performance of Decrap itself. In addition, it creates a backup of pivotal registry item on your machine so you may revert back changes should anything go wrong with the removal process. You can also create a restore point at a later time during the wizard.  The process takes a few minutes to complete, and Decrap automatically restarts itself once finished.

Decrap_Innitial Setup

Decrap also gives you the flexibility of choosing whether you manually want to control various parameters of the uninstall process such as uninstall confirmation prompts of each program and registry items, or let the application handle it all for you. You can toggle the Automatic mode during the welcome screen. In manual mode (that is if you leave the option unselected), Decrap takes you through a step-by-step wizard through the process.

Decrap my Computer

First off, you need to select the programs that you want to remove from your computer. It automatically sorts the list under four categories: Automatic starting software, Desktop items, Third party software, and Windows-related software.  All you need to do is mark the required items for removal, and click next.

Decrap_Files To uninstall

As stated earlier in the post, the tool allows you to create a System Restore Point, so you may easily revert back any accidental changes to your system that may be caused by, let’s say, removing a critical system program or service required for its optimal operation.


The third-step requires you to choose the uninstallation method between Fully automatic and Manual, and Registry cleaning method between automatic, verification-first, and none. Clicking Next from here will begin removing your selected programs, and Decrap will then remove any registry traces and residual files left by these programs for you, based on your selected options.


Decrap is a free application that’s available in both installable and portable forms. It on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

Download Decrap for Windows

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