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Decrypt SQL Stored Procedures, Functions, & Triggers With SQL Decryptor

The With Encryption option in Microsoft SQL Server is used to encrypt database object definitions and hide Stored procedures, Functions, Triggers, etc., to prevent any unauthorized usage. If you’ve encrypted the object definition and are trying to restore the original script back, SQL Decryptor is probably just what you need. It’s a small tool developed to easily restore original script and explore encrypted SQL server object definitions. It supports all MS SQL Server versions, including, SQL Server 2000, SQL Server 2005, SQL Server 2008, and SQL Server 2008 R2. You can decrypt almost all kind of Stored procedures, including both numbered procedures and replication filters, Functions – scalar, inline, and multi-statement table value, and Triggers on tables, views, databases, and on other server instances.

The noteworthy part is that it doesn’t require DAC (Dedicated Administrator Connection) mode, but if you want to use the DAC, you can enable it to decrypt specific objects. Running it for the time needs establishing a connection with SQL Server. However, if you wish to connect it with remote SQL Server, you need to either specify full path or let it find and connect with remote SQL Server automatically.


The main interface holds object explorer at left side, whereas, it opens the database table objects in main window. With  MDI-based interface, you can easily switch between multiple opened server instances.


From File menu, you can save object definition to a file with UTF-8 encoding, which ensures that all the special characters will be preserved. To connect with more servers, either select Connect from Action menu or click Connect button in Object Explorer present at left side, and enter required details of server instance. It works with all versions of Windows.

Download SQL Decryptor

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