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10 black desktop background wallpapers for Windows 10

Dark themes for desktop operating systems are now available on both popular desktop OS’; macOS and Windows 10. Dark themes may be new-ish but users have been setting and using dark images as their desktop background for years. Many simply use a plain black background. It allows all your icons to be visible and when you go to your desktop, it doesn’t blind you.

Windows desktop wallpapers [Black]

Dark or black wallpapers don’t have to be plain. You can find incredible HD photographs that make great backgrounds for the desktop. If you want to set a plan black desktop, open the Settings app and go to Personalization>Background. Select the Plain colors option from the dropdown and select black from the color picker.

If you’re looking for something beyond plain black, here are ten excellent photos from Unsplash that will make great wallpapers. The wallpapers have been resized for the purpose of a preview. Visit the link to view the full HD images.

1. Black rocks by Nick Nice

This image is best suited for a mobile wallpaper but you can crop and resize it for a desktop. Download it from Unsplash.

2. Phases of the moon by Nino Yang

No collection of dark wallpapers is complete without an image of the moon. A dark image means you do not need an HD display to get the color and lighting right on the screen. Download this image from Unsplash.

3. Puzzle by Ron Whitaker

Puzzle is an abstract image that’s perfect for a desktop. Download it from Unsplash.

4. Falling stones by Gontse Tlhalogang

This image is sized for a mobile screen but you can resize it to fit a monitor. If you have a vertical/portrait oriented monitor, this wallpaper can be used as is. Download it from Unsplash.

5. Dew drops on leaves by Bashaer

A close up photo of dew drops on leaves. This photo will give some depth to the desktop but it’s still dark enough to make sure the icons remain visible and it won’t blind you. Download it from Unsplash.

6. Water drop on a twig by Allec Gomes

This image is again sized for a mobile screen but you can resize it for the desktop. It has plenty of empty space which is great for resizing and for icon visibility. Download it from Unsplash.

7. Dandelion by Hongmei Zhao

This image features a dandelion in a glass and you will need to resize it for the desktop but it’s up to you which part you pick out for the desktop. It’s a beautiful dark image that you can download from Unsplash.

8. Carousel by Charles Büchler

This image is an excellent combination of a dark night and modern lights. The image features a fair ride and is an excellent photograph of the ride in motion. The image is a square but it’s HD so it can be resized for the desktop. Download it from Unsplash.

9. Black stripes by Allec Gomes

This image is fairly basic as far as dark backgrounds go. The image isn’t computer generated though. It’s an excellent photograph. Download it from Unsplash.

10. Subway by Mak

If you like urban photography, this image is perfect for the desktop. Download it from Unsplash.

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