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How to disable login screen background blur on Windows 10

Windows 10 1903 has a few new UI changes but one of the more obvious one is the blur that’s now applied to the login screen background. Once you dismiss your lock screen, you see the login screen where you have to enter your password, or PIN. It has the same background as the lock screen but now it’s blurred. If you don’t like it, you can disable login screen background blur in one of two ways.

Disable login screen background blur

The login screen background blur is part of the acrylic design that Microsoft is adding to various UI elements on Windows 10. It began adding it a while back with major feature updates and it is present in quite a few stock UWP apps. As such, this ‘blur’ or acrylic effect can be disabled.

Open the Settings app and go the Personalization group of settings. Select the Color tab and disable the ‘Transparency effects’ by turning the switch off. This will disable the acrylic effect all through the OS and that includes the login screen.

If you like the acrylic effect on Windows 10 but can do without it on the login screen, there’s a registry hack that allows you to disable login screen background blur but still keep the transparency effects.

You will need admin rights to edit the registry. Tap the Win+R keyboard shortcut and open the run box. Enter ‘regedit’ and tap enter.

In the registry editor, go to the following location;


Right-click the System key and select New>DWORD (32-bit) value. Name the value DisableAcrylicBackgroundOnLogon. Double-click it and set its value to 1. That will do the trick. The blur from the login screen background will be removed but you will still see the acrylic effect in the rest of the OS.

Any time you want to undo this change, you can either delete the value you created, or you can set its value to 0.

The blur on the login screen is quite extreme. The background image is impossible to see and when you switch from the lock screen to the login screen, the transition feels clumsy. It also renders the login screen background somewhat useless. Still, it is a matter of what you personally like. If you don’t like the blur, it’s fairly easy to disable. At present, there’s no way to change the blur intensity and we doubt there will be one any time soon. The acrylic effect has been around for over one year and so far, nothing lets users customize it.

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