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Doit.im – Free Awesome Software For Task Management

When it comes to managing important tasks, we all love Remember The Milk but today I came across a newly launched service called Doit.im which could soon become a serious contender.

It is a free service that allows users to manage all types of tasks easily, it comes with a cross-platform Adobe Air app that works on Windows, Mac, and Linux. All you have to do is sign-up with them and start adding and organizing the tasks.

When you start the desktop app for the first time, hit the Sign Up button and fill the form as usual. It will then send you an email address with the password(which can be changed later).

doit.im signup

Now sign-in with the email and the password provided and you will be taken straight to the main window.

Doit.im sign-in

You will also find two additional options, sign me in when Doit.im starts and start Doit.im when the computer starts. The user interface is much similar to that of Mac OS X.


On the left sidebar you will find Inbox, Today, Next, Tomorrow, Scheduled, Someday, and Projects.

  • Inbox is used to quickly collect and record To-Do Items when you considerate what to do in future.
  • Today shows tasks that needs to be done today, all items here will also be listed under Next from where you can review, evaluate, and arrange the tasks.
  • Tomorrow shows tasks that needs to be done tomorrow, they will be added to Today after 12 O’Clock Midnight.
  • Scheduled holds all tasks that are not in Today and also those tasks that have not been completed yet.
  • Someday holds tasks that you can’t commit now but plan to perform in future.
  • Projects holds all projects that needs to be done, it includes multi-step tasks.

Once you understand the purpose of every folder, using the app becomes a breeze. The tasks support drag & drop, you can drag and drop the tasks from one folder to another easily. You will find two more folders on the bottom of left sidebar – Completed and Trash. Completed will hold all tasks that have been marked as complete and Trash will hold the tasks that you have deleted.

Adding a new to-do task is quite easy, just hit the New button, enter the task name, tags, notes, and choose the due date, select if you want to forward the task to anyone, and finally choose in which folder this task should be added. There is also an option to repeat a certain task after every few days.

The option to forward the task is very useful indeed since it helps sending tasks to other Doit.im users. Once you send them, the tasks will appear in their Inbox folder.

New Task

Did I mention that it supports hotkeys too, you can manage and perform tasks by using simple hotkeys. To view the hotkeys or to modify them go to options and then navigate to Keys tab.

Doit.im Options

Sync and Options button are both together(See screenshot above). If you want to access your tasks from anywhere else, simply hit the sync button and it will synchronize all the tasks with the server.

The apps for Android, iPhone, Windows Mobile, and Symbian are coming soon according to the developers which will allow users to remain up-to-date with their tasks anytime, anywhere, and on any device.

The only downside of is that it doesn’t  have a web interface, but that could probably change in future. Otherwise having said that, it is one of the best complete task manager I have come across and thankfully it is free.

Download Doit.im


Update: Reader BrianC400 notifies us in the comment that this app seems like a ripoff of Things. Since Doit.im is developed by some Chinese developers(who have history of ripping off stuffs), surprisingly it seems 80% similar to Things. Anyways, the good thing is that Doit.im is cross-platform and free while Things cost $49.95 and is for Mac OS X only.

Update 2: Doit.im gets UPDATED, the latest version has plenty of new features. Read the full list of new features here.

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