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How to download and install Minecraft maps

Minecraft allows users to create as many worlds as they like and each world has its own unique layout, biomes, structures, etc., based on the world seed. These maps come with in-game structures that are common to all maps e.g. villages, temples, strongholds, etc. Much like worlds, users can also download and play in custom made Minecraft Maps.

Minecraft Map

Minecraft Maps

Minecraft Maps are user created worlds. Unlike the worlds that the game generates directly, these maps have been crafted with special structures and with theme and/or layout. You can, for example, download maps that have arenas or castles built in. These maps can be downloaded from third-party or from the Minecraft Marketplace.

Download Minecraft Maps

There are lots of online websites where Minecraft maps are published. Minecraft Maps is a popular place where you can find all sorts of maps. To download a map;

  1. Visit Minecraft Maps.
  2. Look for a map to download and click the download button.
  3. The map will download as a ZIP file.
  4. Extract the ZIP file.

For installation instructions, read the section on installation.

Download Minecraft Maps – Marketplace

Maps from the Minecraft Marketplace are paid and free. They’re also easier to install.

  1. Open Minecraft.
  2. Go to the Marketplace.
  3. Select Worlds>Adventure Maps.
  4. Select a map to download and purchase it.
  5. Once purchased, it will be copied to your system. 
  6. Go to Worlds and select the map to play it.

Install Minecraft Maps

To install a Minecraft Map for Java; 

  1. Open File Explorer.
  2. Paste this %appdata%\.minecraft\saves in the location bar and tap enter.
  3. Paste the extracted folder in the Saves folder.
  4. Open Minecraft.
  5. The map will be listed in worlds. Select it to play the map.

To install Minecraft Map for Bedrock;

  1. Extract the ZIP file.
  2. Open the extracted folder.
  3. Double-click the .mcworld file.
  4. Minecraft will open and the world will be added.


Minecraft worlds that are for the Java version will not run on the Bedrock version. All maps in the marketplace will run on the version you’re accessing the marketplace from. You cannot convert a map to another version. Many maps use shaders and resource packs. If your system’s hardware cannot handle the shaders and resource packs that are used by a map, you may not be able to install it, or the map may not load properly. Minecraft maps generally aren’t very large. It’s rare for maps to be 500MB so if you find a map that is 1GB in size, it is an exception. Downloads from the Minecraft Marketplace tend to be slow. A small map of barely 100MB can take ten minutes to download. There’s nothing you can do about this except be patient. 

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