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Download Flickr Favorites With FlickrFaves

There are many tools that allow Flickr users to download their photos in high quality, but is there any way to download Flickr Favorites? Recently we came across FlickrFaves which allow users to download items from their Flickr Favorites.

This might not help traditional Flickr users but those who have hundreds or thousands of photos in their favorites might want to give it a try.

You first need to authorizes the app to access your Flickr account. Once done, select the destination where you want to download the photos, select the type of media you want to download, enter the minimum resolution of the downloaded photos, and select other options. Note that this app downloads original photos, this minimum dimension is just there to make sure that small photos are not downloaded.

But hey we are just talking about Photos, it can even download videos marked as favorites.


This is the first time I have heard about downloading photos and videos from Flickr Favorites, other tools do not offer this functionality at the time.

Download FlickrFaves

It is developed on Java and works on both Windows and Mac provided you have a minimum Java Runtime Environment 5.0 installed. It worked seamlessly on Windows 7 while testing. Enjoy!


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