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26 Awesome Windows 7 Themes

Windows 7 is the first ever operating system from Microsoft that has been developed largely by keeping user feedback in mind. It is much more faster and better looking than Vista. If you are one of those users looking to upgrade or buy Windows 7, then you should definitely look out for some custom made themes. Today we present you 26 of the best, most refreshing themes created by DeviantArt users.

Note: If you like these themes, you might also want to take a look at our collection of Windows 7 wallpapers. Visit our HomePage to find useful freeware and tips on Windows 7.

Downloading these themes is simple. Click the theme that you like to head on over to the designer’s page, where you will find the installation details along with other information. The download link should be in the left sidebar of the designer’s page. I am sure you’ll enjoy them all.

Windows 7 Skull Visual Style by ~TheDarkenedPoet


Woodstock Windows 7 Theme by ~Markus-Deviant


Purity 7 by ~caeszer


ThaImpact VS for Windows 7 RC by ~DjabyTown


Underoath Theme for Windows 7 by ~bobmat4


Windows7 Black Transparent by ~pegass


Aerosnap 7 Theme by ~Freak180


OnlyBlack Windows 7 RC theme by ~tonev


AeroLighting For Windows 7 by ~neodesktop


Shine 2.0 for Windows 7 by ~zainadeel


Lumens for Windows 7 by ~alkhan


Desk 09 with New Windows 7 OS by ~Dr-Bee


Alternative for Windows 7 RC by ~oliver182


7Pro Final for 7 ~krissirk


Aero Diamond for Windows 7 x64 by ~alkhan


Heart Windows 7 Theme by ~soffl


Theme For Winodws 7 by ~Arturik1988


Adagio Theme for Windows 7 by ~RajTheeban95


Clean Green Windows 7 Theme by ~J-MGraphics650


Macos X for Windows 7 by ~ZEUSosX


Windows 7 Simple Black Glass by ~feliipetaumaturgo


Natural by ~phS2


Waterbomb and Windows 7 by ~Adrenalize81


Windows 8 VS for Win7 by =fediaFedia


Luna port to Windows 7 -Aero- by =Satukoro


Windows 7 with Classic Theme by ~RainingSkies


So which one do you plan to install? Let us know in the comments. Enjoy!

If you don’t plan to shift to Windows 8 any time soon, but love its new Metro look, you might also want to take a look at our very own Metro-style Windows 8 wallpapers. If you do, check out our compilation of Windows 8 themes.

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  • Great collection Nakodari, keep them coming.

  • abdalaziz

    thanks for all this theme

  • Hi
    Theme For Winodws 7 by ~Arturik1988
    shows the difference for Windows 7

  • neni

    Great Post I will test thoses Theme on my Windows Se7ven Thanks Al lot…

  • rlz muy cheveres

  • Gore

    So good Thems

    • Vaibhav

      Hello friend these themes are very good but i cant install it in windows 7 pre beta version. plzzz help me

  • guy

    So good Thems

  • anthony

    is great thanks for sharing this themes…..

  • Very nice themes. Downloaded a few of these.

  • Gabriel

    Estan muy buenos. voy a descargar algunos.

  • good aport

  • Ja

    Good Aport

  • James

    That last one has gotta be the sickest theme I have ever seen.

    • Yung Liew

      i am very agree with you

  • Name


  • So far, my experience with the beta versions of Windows 7 looks promising. I hope this one doesn't back fire like Vista did. Thanks for showing how to personalize it even more.

    • Peter

      I like the first 😀 I love skulls

  • I love windows 7 so far… these are some really nice themes you made. This website i run http://windowsseventhemes.com has a ton of themes also maybe i can host some of yours?

  • Andreesie

    Nice, they're real too. Not just colour changing themes

    • Alvinjaybancud_62

      how to install dis one?

    • Rajibhasansawon

      rhs sawon

  • Andreesie

    PS: planning to install Windows7 Black Transparent by ~pegass

  • arjl

    I already had this theme on a test computer i used to explore windows 7 ages ago.
    Windows 7 with Classic Theme by ~RainingSkies

  • avisioncame

    None of them are really themes…

  • karanrajpal14

    dude how do i apply win7 black transparent??????????


    hi, could somebody send me the:

    “Windows 7 Simple Black Glass by ~feliipetaumaturgo”,
    “Theme For Winodws 7 by ~Arturik1988”
    “OnlyBlack Windows 7 RC theme by ~tonev”
    “Windows7 Black Transparent by ~pegass”

    and that's all: thank you. PLEASE SEND ME THIS PLEASE.
    my mail is andresaic@hotmail.com 😀

  • charlie

    You can a windows7 activator from here:-


    its suitable for all versions.(100% working).

  • gr8 collection man ! keep it up.

  • I´m using this one because I freaking love the Wallpaper

    Theme For Winodws 7 by ~Arturik1988

    But I was wondering, How do I Innstal this theme

    ThaImpact VS for Windows 7 RC by ~DjabyTown

    There are so many files and stuff like that, where Do I put them?


  • Charles

    Great themes!
    I cant pick just one….heh ^^

  • Stan

    Love them all!

  • Liam

    Love them! Now how do i go about downloading them?
    I cant find a register link anywhere xD

  • animecrazydx

    Very Nice! 😀

  • Jim

    In XP, themes changed window borders, scrollbars, cursors etc., completely enhancing the environment.
    These themes just seem to change the wallpaper!
    Or am I missing something here ?

  • Bitan

    So good!!

  • juanito64

    That sound great, thank a lot my friend!!

  • jithujoseph

    can i download?????????????

  • Erhan

    Thank you

  • raul

    TheDarkenedPoet I like

  • Kostis

    wow its beautiful but i have a problem. im pretty sure that the themes are fine and its my fault but i couldnt find the awnser for the problem.so look when i apply the theme everything changes but not the taskbar and the main windows appears something like windows 98.. does anyone know why is this??:P am i having any problems with aero?
    Plz help:D

  • saravana

    so good

  • clex5000

    very very goog

  • need

    Waterbomb and Windows 7 by ~Adrenalize81..? no dowonload?

  • Bridgey

    If anyone can do a manchester united theme, that wud be awesome =D

  • gautam

    heyy when i download this themes and try to install it does not get installed so can you please tell me how can i install this on window seven?

    • ha ha ha

      To apply the theme,

      1. Copy all the items in the folder ‘Theme’ to c:WindowsResourcesThemes
      2. Then, right-click on the desktop & choose ‘Personalize’
      3. Choose the ‘Purity 7’ theme in the ‘Installed Themes’ section.

      Right-click, take ownership for the original system files.For the explorer, just copy it into the folder windows & the others just copy them into the system32 folder.
      Then,restart your computer.

      Right-click, take ownership for the original system files.For the explorer, just copy it into the folder windows. The others just copy them into the system32 folder.
      Then,restart your computer.

      Notes:You’re advised to make a backup of your availableoriginal components before replace them with the components provided in the pack.


  • keith

    Windows 7 Simple Black Glass – link not working

  • Heehee

    Which one will I install? Gnome

  • siavash

    how do i apply these themes on my win7 ? can you please help.

    • great

      no ha-………….ha……………………….

    • great

      no ha-………….ha……………………….

  • mikey

    i'll definitely choose the last one…

  • mamakalak

    Very Nice Themes

  • mamakalak

    anybody have more themes ?

  • faisalima

    i need windows 7 themes

  • durga5162

    these collections are great to have

  • bob

    These themes are fantastic. Windows never looked so good.

  • Anirudh

    plzz tell me how do you make these…?

  • kiquin

    great stuff

  • equalsthree

    Love the simple black glass theme ^.^. Do you have a link for it?

  • equalsthree

    Lol double post glitch?

  • Jatin

    awesum themes…

  • bronco89

    You should upload those to http://www.windows-7-themes.com . I just started uploading all my windows 7 theme packs there. All you have to do is sign up for an author account, check your e-mail and activate it. Then whenever you login you'll have a new block on the left that says “create content”. Pretty cool so far.

  • Soda


  • diego340


  • Abdelrahman

    i cant find the link of the 1st one:S

  • herbie643

    ThaImpact is just what I was looking for. Seems most 'Themes' are just color/background changes. I was looking for that 'raised-look' of the titlebar.
    Thanks so much.

  • icebox_g

    buenisimos los temas man!!!

  • very beautiful windows 7 themes

  • knightstalker

    I dont understand how to install any of this. 1 had crappy instuctions. any help would be awesome people.

  • dude

    All you should have to do is to download the theme file with accompanying folders to C:/Windows/Resources/Themes/ then right click on the desktop background, click personalize, and change the theme. Easy as pie.

  • adam6969

    i like Trans-7

  • adam6969


  • lasheen

    ok thats gr8 i well install all of them

  • very beautiful windows 7 themes

  • very beautiful windows 7 themes

  • win-7themes.blogspot

    I just add a new Collection of

  • Roberto

    Gracias por los temas

  • Jandrocks


  • Leyla

    Where can I download these?

  • Leyla

    Where can I download these?

  • maybegameboy

    these are mad themes 🙂
    anways, i would like to install these two:



  • avnish

    how to install dem

  • win-7themes.blogspot
  • nice man
    Aero Diamond for Windows 7 x64 by ~alkhan

  • sniper_8010

    awesome collections~~~

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    is there any good themes for windows 7?

  • popevan

    great = tired of windows logo

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  • thx, its great

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    this is the website I've taken best windows themes.In future i will download more

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  • mercyless

    why wen i try to instal woodstock it downloads but opens up with my media player? how to get it to open as a theme?

  • uncu


  • saud

    that is greetful thanks

  • thienduong8688


  • jozephe

    all of them, Thanks !!

  • Rahul

    Thanks for all of these

    • bonamana

      HOw to download the themese ??
      i want Desk 09 with New Windows 7 OS by Dr-Bee theme how to get it???

  • Rahul

    HOw to download the themese ??

  • micheal7

    how to download them ,I really like some of them very much

  • melekh


  • vijay909

    how to apply these themes

  • Yas

    Great themes.. thx.. keep it up..

  • kushalthegreat

    great man i liked it thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    good job man

  • kshitj

    they are super cooool./.. aesome..

  • danielmotorola

    gracias bro

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    nice themes

  • xcorred

    como los descargo?

  • jorsco

    muy padres los t+

  • for more windows 7 themes visit http://win-7themes.blogspot.com

  • sunnyz

    hello guys all u themes get here thanks to me plzzz sunny http://win-7themes.blogspot.com/search/label/Wi

  • wahyufahmy

    awesome… ^.^d

  • farshadvl

    hi they r so cool
    i love to have those

  • jbn

    Downloading now …

    Will update you if it works or not..


  • juantess


  • ahmed gamal

    this all thems R awsem and i like ThaImpact VS for Windows 7 RC by ~DjabyTown

  • zz

    very good

  • yorkfield

    very good collection, and i want it all B-)

  • knth

    i can't download any of it?
    anyone got a link for the whole pack?

    • Nakodari

      It is simple! Click the theme that you like and it will take you the designer's page from where you can download it. The download link will be found on the left sidebar of the designer's page.

      • thanks for the download instruction

  • sada

    sada sada

  • freshfitteds

    I like the last one =o)

    • Yusuf

      Hello, thanks for the good and cool themes,
      but why is not glass view for me?? like other themes i have in my windows
      any one can tell me plz?

  • nitin47

    i have installed skull visual in 64 bit now it has corrupted my themepack file and i m not able 2 install any other theme ,,plz help me by providing default windows themepack files ie…themeservice.dll ,themeui.dll and uxtheme.dll found in system 32

  • 911 Streaming

    Very great themes , i love the second one
    Thank you

  • creyete

    hey while copying it to themes folder in resource…it shows access deinied or route not found…plz help guys…wat shd i do?

  • sunv

    Thankyou! i love…….

  • indrajit23

    great collection.

  • Really cool themes! Thanks a lot!!!

  • abhi

    there are very good themes

  • fahad

    caan any 1 give me transformers themese for win7 link?????

  • faisalshafiabbasi

    good zabardast ..

  • dmwase88

    Thanx dude

  • jsdfk

    can i download???

  • isilidurheir

    Greeting Guys, i have recently downloaded the ThaImpact themes. After taken the ownweship, i proceed with copied the files to the respective folder according to the instruction given and restart my PC. Unfortunately, during the reboot, one of the file in the RTM folder was missing (Shell32.dll), now my PC can't be started as usual :C How can i Solve this problem, could anyone out there assist me on this? Please email me at wokyerbunzoph@hotmail.com

  • trojan983

    Thank you for beautiful themes.

    Download Windows 7 Themes

  • I love these black themes. I have tried a few before, an I definitely like a couple of these. Thanks for collecting them up here.

  • Ali

    I am from IRAN and Say Veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Good Theme

  • ninja_guy

    Hi…..I have windows 7 64-bit. I have downloaded some other 3rd party non microsoft themes but they wont apply. I also ran the UXtheme patcher but the themes wont apply. I also wanna know how can I change the Taskbar Style as i just dont want to change my WALLPAPERS alone as this is easy. But i want to apply whole theme with different style and effects. Like the effect shown in this Theme. For Example, check out the AERO DIAMOND THEME, THAI IMPACT, SKULL THEME, WINDOWS 7 SIMPLE BLACK GLASS, all on this very PAGE. you can see the start menu, taskbar, my computer's folders effects too. I want to change it all. Please do let me know. what patcher or program should i use. please please please….
    check out the WINDOWS 7 AERO DIAMOND theme. I also want to apply effects too.

    • Laturas

      Hi I have the same problem, found a solution yet?

  • ninja_guy

    Hi…..I have windows 7 64-bit. I have downloaded some other 3rd party non microsoft themes but they wont apply. I also ran the UXtheme patcher but the themes wont apply. I also wanna know how can I change the Taskbar Style as i just dont want to change my WALLPAPERS alone as this is easy. But i want to apply whole theme with different style and effects. Like the effect shown in this Theme. For Example, check out the AERO DIAMOND THEME, THAI IMPACT, SKULL THEME, WINDOWS 7 SIMPLE BLACK GLASS, all on this very PAGE. you can see the start menu, taskbar, my computer's folders effects too. I want to change it all. Please do let me know. what patcher or program should i use. please please please….
    check out the WINDOWS 7 AERO DIAMOND theme. I also want to apply effects too.

  • Chicholikar Sandeep

    Great Work Man!

  • salar

    thanks im cannot downloan help me thanksss best web


    i havnt used them bt i think them to b awesome.

    • Umairmasif

      no they are awful


    i havnt used them but i think them to b awesome…………

  • athi

    really good

    • Umairmasif

      no they are ugly

  • add me on facebook copy ———–>>>Abu-bakr ahmed

  • lewis

    i want to download ThaImpact VS for Windows 7 RC by ~DjabyTown

  • all of them sucks! except for one but it was impossible to download…

  • ishuz

    i was looking for icon, taskbar changer themes for over three months. i clicked this site and got i needed. this is just great work keep it up love you

  • xristos


  • thnxxxx

    • chetn


  • John

    Why are most of these themes just a wallpaper change and thats it? I thought a Windows 7 theme meant that the UI elements changed as well..?

  • anymous

    Why do some of the themes not availble

  • sumit

    it’s tooo sexy

  • ThaImpact is amazing amazing style THX

  • thanxxxxxxxxx

  • thanxxxxxxxx

  • m

    thanks alot

  • Me

    hmm..i like the skull theme. but im wondering if there is a theme that make the windows explorer became transparent. and im still waiting a theme like .windows 8(no taskbar)

  • beautiful themes

  • jorge


  • Rolando


  • empoy

    tnx pu ‘

  • robby

    nice work folks, specially on the thaimpact

  • tobs

    replacing shell32.dll file of thaimpact into my windows shell32.dll creates serious problem. when i restart my computer, it says that shell32.dll is not found and i’m not able to see any GUI…any idea why this is happening?

  • jaggu

    how to dowload dese themes

  • widow 7 theme is great…………………………..

  • Lumens theme is great.

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  • haris

    please give a link to download all 26 in one shot or in in one file

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  • Christian

    gracias muy buen aporte

  • Great collection ! THanks :X

  • Tsediso

    Why other themes can’t be downloaded

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    thanks for themes.

  • Fahad
  • Good collections of themes.

  • I’ve got Windows 7 64 bit.
    How do I install or download a mac theme 4 my computer?

    (Im from Denmark) 🙂

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    great job thanx.

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    i need some thermal themes and solar themes plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz send me the information

  • all themes are really very awesome………….

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      • Pranav

        Dude just click on the wallpaper or theme an download it

        • ahsan

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  • very good it’s page …congratulations…thankx

    • Mr. xXx ( Refo

      yhea is very very perfect windows…

  • chevere ahh pero no puedo descargarlo eso es lo unico manlo =(

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    Pure eyecandy stuff. Love deviantart.

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    since you’re asking 😀 – classic theme 🙂
    but it’s not my choice, it’s my CPUs’ choice and also my integrated graphic cards’ choice so i have to what they say 🙂

    but these themes are trully awesome 🙂 beautiful

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    good love em some could be better but 1 or 2 are very good

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  • Thanx a ton for these awesome themes 🙂

    Keep it up

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  • Really I have not seen themes like this
    really great……………..
    I’m your fan

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  • it doesnt work. i have window vista and it wont let me download the “woodstock” theme.

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    can anyone say me nd help me plzzzzzz

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    they rock big time man so cooooooool!!! xD

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    suuuuuuuuuuuper wwwwwwwwwwwwwwoooooooooooooooooooh

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    check link download, plz

  • the themes are not bad but its a shame they are not downloadable

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    i like this theme
    thank you so much

  • Great Theams !!!! Awasome Collection of Theams Great Dude

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  • Awesome post!!!! You rock!!

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      • Mohamed lotfy

        Alternative for Windows 7 RC by ~oliver182

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    ThaImpact VS for Windows 7 RC by ~DjabyTown i cant down load this can u please make me get this theam

  • heckoooo


  • Windows 7 SP2

    I Want Windows 7 OSX by ~Black-Energy

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    themes are gr8 and awesome. I love it.

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  • Laxi

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    someone can tell me how to downloads Desk 09 with New Windows 7 OS by ~Dr-Bee???
    i need it~~~

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    erase every thing on link til “.com” and press go . wen in page , find what you want and go, here u r !!!!

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    please help me..

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    Very nice. I like the black glass theme the best. The one at the top with the skull looks like the hackaday logo! Thanks!

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    VISIT : http://dewindows7.blogspot.com/2010/12/islamic-mosque-theme-from.html

  • Plus

    Hi All

    I’m unable to download the themes from deviantart 🙁

    Somebody help me by uploading all windows themes in
    rapidshare or mediafire please ?

    Thanks in advance

  • Mohamed Rafeek
  • pawan kumar

    greeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeat themes.It gives new life to my PC……….

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  • bilal

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  • Flash Igrice
  • Shola Smith

    Hello everyone,
    I guess this will help.

    U may not be able to download from this site for certain reasons ranging from ur compur security settings or this site’s scripts requirements.

    If u really think u nid any of these above themes for Windows 7 like i do.

    Do this:
    Copy the name of the theme as it appeared.
    go to google, and paste it in the search bar. edit and add “download” before it as below:

    Google Search bar : download ThaImpact VS for Windows 7 (click search)
    then u’ll see a list of sites where u can download it.
    i downloaded mine @:

    or simply go to http://djabytown.deviantart.com and search for it.

    Hope this helps!

  • trollin like a bozz

    I like how these people just use the windows 7 tools and say, “i created a theme!” No u didnt, all u did is find a wallpaper and drag a bar for a color. Come on people, if ur gonna be taking credit for this, actually do some work. The only one i see here that required actual work doesnt even have a working link. All the rest just use a program to change colors of stuff. Seriously sad >.>

  • Anil kumar

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  • Raj

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    great work

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  • Enlightened

    “Windows 7 is the first ever operating system from Microsoft that has been developed largely by keeping user feedback in mind.”
    -Wrong, Micros**t is a corporation fueled by greed just like many other. If anything, they took a step backwards in the way of user feedback and customer satisfaction. Especially with their justification, or lack thereof, for their ‘starter’ edition. They developed a nerfed version of what Windows 7 should have begun to look like then; however, they used to force themselves upon the netbook world. They provide a very basic version of 7 (what, in my opinion should be basic – starter should be a program you run when you are first introduced to windows so you can learn the layout). Even worse, they exert control over your system – hold options hostage unless you buck up. You cant even change your wallpaper for f__ksake. What excuse is there for that? I’ve been using Windows since 3.1 and really Microsoft? You cannot apply themes, or have access to the same color panel that any other version of Windows has. They “claim” its to preserve resources and you will see Windows drones/zombies/fanboys/tools say its important to have it that way because microsoft tells us thats how we should have it……ok really, if you want to change your wallpaper in 7 starter you have to scour the net for a program that will either edit the registry (something the windows wallpaper app does) or runs in the background and eats more resources than windows would in the first place – and the same goes for colors and themes. WindowBlinds is hell on your resources. But even better – if you shell out more dough, Microsoft will allow you access to the components that are already included in Starter by “upgrading” you. I was so frustrated that I spent hours and hours scouring the net and surfing through registry/system files, which brings me to TrustedInstaller and Microsoft’s control over your system – but that’s a different argument; regardless, after all my digging, I have found a way to install themes into 7 Starter without the use of 3rd party software eating my resources….all you need is a little ingenuity and whatever stress reducer you prefer. So after all my stress and messing around with 3rd party programs; I found the answer was right within my own operating system the entire time. Anyway, I gave my computer a new look, got a smile and gave Microsoft the big 1 up….at least for now until they find the loophole and fix it.

    “It is much more faster and better looking than Vista.”
    -I disagree, I have used every Windows OS (even NT and Server) since 3.1 and I can tell you your not gaining any speed on this one. What people fail to take into account is that technology keeps improving; now people are using SSD instead of diskdrives, more RAM, videocards now have more memory. Also, has anyone looked at the system requirements Windows 7 has, especially the higher versions? Its a resource hog, if you can get Vista to utilize VirtualMemory on a SSD, use a large cache size on 2-4GB or more of RAM and your running an Intel i5/i7 processor than Vista would blow Windows 7 out of the water in terms of speed.

    “If you are one of those users looking to upgrade or buy Windows 7, then you should definitely look out for some custom made themes.”
    -Do yourself a favor and don’t upgrade. Obtain one of the free Linux distributions that float around the net (Ubuntu, Mint, OpenSUSE, etc). Sure there are learning curves; however, I have had less problems working with Ubuntu 10 than I have had with Windows 7 so far (not only that but you have much more control and freedom over your OS. Also, Linux is, intrinsically, a much safer operating system (most users do not even have anti-virus software, let alone the anti-spyware, firewall, “defender”, anti-malware, and all the other crap that eats your system resources). Most windows software even runs in Linux thanks to the use of Windows emulators. If you still aren’t interested – buy a Mac, I recently folded and bought a MacBook Air and I’m glad I did – its much faster, more stable, and a hell of a lot nicer than my windows computers are. If people continue to support Micros**t’s path to control, pretty soon they will start instituting “open program limits,” or like electric companies do, charge you to use other web browsers because Windows components are built around IE. If you absolutely have to use windows, like myself, than do yourself a favor and wait for 8, you wont be missing much.

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      P.S. – Do you kiss you mother with that mouth?

      P.P.S. – Troll harder.

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        Search Deviant art for REAL themes…the ones that change the taskbar and other such things…

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    I’d suggest to anyone reading this who is interested in actually change the layout, look, and feel of Windows 7 to check out the source that many, if not all, of these links point to: deviantart.com

    Good day.

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    I personnaly like “Alternative For Windows 7 RC By ~Oliver182” but as “Hmmm” said above they contained mostly of backgrounds and color changes–things. I dont find it likly that some customize-freaks will like them at all. I enjoy customizing my icons and sounds so that I give live to my desktop. You can see what I am tawking about here http://topwindows7themes.com/ Lots of fully customized windows 7 themes. Do you see the difference 🙂

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