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DrivePurge Removes 750+ Unnecessary System Components & App Files

Many users prefer using CCleaner for getting rid of unnecessary files from temporary file directories. We just came across another such application known as DrivePurge. It is a portable system cleaner to remove unnecessary files and user tracks of more than 750 applications/system components and remove invalid registry entries. The good thing about DrivePurge is that it labels all items in simplified categories which makes it easy to identify junk and potentially useful files at a glance. For example, it allows adding files such as .BAK, .OLD and other backup files to exception list in order to exclude them from file cleaning process.

The system cleanup tab provides a list of items which can be removed from the C Drive, whereas, the Drive Cleanup tab allows selecting one or more partitions for analyzing and removing junk files. The trace erasing features of DrivePurge are present under User Tracks Cleanup section. The Report tab provides a log of the cleanup job upon completion. To begin, select the Windows items which you wish to delete and click Analyze to see how much clutter can be cleared from your computer.


Likewise, you can select a specific partition from Drive Cleanup tab and simulate the cleaning process using Analyze option. The file type descriptions are labeled so explicitly that even a novice user can determine if the file is potentially useful or a system clutter. For instance, the file types are labeled as Media Center cache files, System log files, Media Player album art cache, etc. You can easily choose which types of files you want to remove from the system.

Drive Cleanup

DrivePurge has the ability to clear user tracking information from Windows Explorer, web browsers , applications and other system components. This ensures that your activity traces are removed from your browser’s temporary directories as well as other system areas which are often ignored by trace erasing tools, such as media players, Windows registry and the like.

User Tracks

Once you have selected all the file types you want to remove, click Cleanup to purge your system.

Cleanup Files

The Report tab provides a complete overview of the cleaning process. It shows the items that have been deleted or blocked from deletion by the operating system during the cleaning process.


In comparison with CCleaner, DrivePurge has more  junk file removing features. Moreover, the item labels let you easily identify which applications’ trace data will be removed. DrivePurge works on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Download DrivePurge

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  • Asskicker

    Isn’t this extremely dangerous? I mean, won’t it delete things it shouldn’t be deleting?

    • Such tools are for advanced users who know what they are doing.

  • Mayday [PC]

    don’t worry Asskicker, program doesn’t work, constantly giving error on some *.dpp files which are programs own data fiiles! Non-working programs can’t delete any file.