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Ease Your Windows PC Life With Launchy

Launchy is a one-stop replacement for your start menu, desktop icons and shortcuts, file manager, and much more. It is a cross platform utility that can index almost everything and launch your files, programs, folders, websites with just a few key-presses.

The application presents itself as a simple launcher-like dialog window with a text entry field and the icon relevant to the current item. However, the interface is highly customizable and there are various other skins present for the user’s choosing.


Usage is simple and efficient. Enter the first few letters of the program/file/object you want to locate, and it will start showing all the probable matches. Launchy does not limit to basic launching, but can also be used for reaching a folder directly, or to launch a program within a program, or even present quick access to some context menu items for a particular software. For example, typing C:\Prog and pressing the Tab key automatically puts you inside the Program Files folder, where further key-presses accompanied by Tab can be used to dig in deeper.

Launchy 2

You can also use the same technique for opening websites. For example, type ‘fire’ in Launchy, highlight Firefox and press Tab, then enter the desired URL. Pressing enter will open that location in Mozilla Firefox directly.

launchy at

Right-click anywhere in the Launchy window to access the Options menu, which offers plentiful control over how the software looks and behaves. Launchy also supports a wide range of plugins to enhance functionality even more.

Launchy Optins

Finally, during installation, the software also offers a portable version of Launchy, which can be carried around in a USB. Launchy has been tested to work seamlessly in our Windows 7 x86 system. For more, also check out previously reviewed Blaze.

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  1. Even though I’ve used Launchy for a while and really liked it, it is not on any of my installations anymore. The reason is called FARR, or Find And Run Robot. It’s just so much more powerful and is so much more customizable!

    Don’t get me wrong, Launchy was a very nice program, I just like FARR better.

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