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EaseUS FileManager Is A Decent Explorer Alternative For Windows 8 & RT

Microsoft put a lot of emphasis on Modern UI – initially referred to as Metro UI — when it unveiled Windows 8, but quite ironically didn’t include a native Modern-style file manager in the latest version of Windows. Perhaps the software giant wants users to stick to the desktop File Explorer for all kinds of file management, which in all honestly feels fairly cumbersome to navigate on a Windows RT device. Those who want to manage files without leaving the Metro environment can install third-party file managers such as Metro Commander or Files&Files from the Windows Store. Today, we stumbled upon another simple yet powerful Windows 8 file manager called EaseUS FileManager and couldn’t wait to give it a try. Read on for our review.

Sporting an elegant and user-friendly design, the app lets you browse your files in an intuitive manner employing the Metro design language. The main screen of the app categorizes items under three sections named Common Folders, Favorite and Recent, all of which are pretty much self-explanatory. ‘Common Folders’ contains the user’s Pictures, Music and Video folders to provide quick access to these common locations. The app automatically detects these folders upon first run. You can, add other folders to your Favorite list manually by using the Add Favorite button on the app bar. You can also start browsing the contents of any folder by selecting it using the ‘Choose a folder’ tile. Any directories accessed this way are also added to the Recent list on the main screen for quick access later.

EaseUS FileManager

Many third-party file managers let you sort items by name, type, date etc. and thankfully, EaseUS FileManager is no exception either. Not only can you sort items, but you can also Pin your favorite or frequently accessed files or folders to the Start Screen. Right clicking a folder and then hitting Favorite in the app bar instantly adds the directory to favorites on the main screen.

EaseUS FileManager_Music

You can also select multiple items via the right-click mouse button, or tap and hold gesture on an RT device. Upon selecting the item(s), a Manage button pops up in the app bar, allowing you to perform actions like Recycle, Delete, Copy to, Move to, Rename, Copy and Cut. New directories can be created via clicking New Folder button at the bottom right.

EaseUS FileManager_Multiple files

While most media and document files like audio, video and text items, are opened in the default programs associated to the file extension, images can be viewed directly in EaseUS FileManager’s interface. The app even boasts an integrated autoplay slide show feature.

EaseUS FileManager_Pictures

Despite not being the very best file browser out there, EaseUS FileManager is a handsome addition to Windows Store’s ever growing apps library. It works on Windows 8 and Windows RT only.

Download EaseUS FileManager

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