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Edit Metadata Information Of EPUB Files

EPub Metadata Editor is a simple tool which helps you to view and edit metadata of EPub files. It allows easily changing and adding images, descriptions, book credits, publisher’s name, type, format, identifier, source, etc. This EPub editor provides easy editing options for OPF and TOC.NCX files, which are metadata files that are detected by this app after you a load an EPub file.

Just launch EPub Metadata Editor and load a file from the Open button to its related information. You can change/add anything from the file title to the author’s name, description, time stamp, series index and so on. The buttons on the main interface allow refreshing, adding and removing text from the existing metadata file.


The table of contents can be view by clicking on View TOC.

Table of Content

The book cover can be saved, added or replaced via right click context menu. You can also perform a number of batch operations by selecting multiple files and applying title case, auto generating file as creator and clearing titles.


You can edit .OPF and .TOC files from the buttons at the bottom of Batch Operations menu.


EPub Metadata Editor is not as advanced as Sigil, however, it is more simplified and therefore serves to be quite useful for people who wish to add or edit general details of their EPub files. It works on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Download EPub Metadata Editor

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