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Enable The Favorites Bar & Import Favorites In Edge Browser [Windows 10]

Windows 10 is coming, and Edge browser is coming with it. Edge is Microsoft’s latest attempt at winning over the browser market. Like or hate it, Microsoft is trying to make things better with its browser offering and this is obviously the first step. The new browser ships with some new features which include a clipper, a reading mode, a reading list, and note taking. It doesn’t stray away from the basics though so if you’re giving the browser a chance, you might want to know how to get the Favorites bar to show up, and how to import your favorites (bookmarks) from a different browser.

First, to get the favorites bar to show up, click the More actions button and click ‘Settings’ at the very end of the menu that opens. Under ‘Choose a theme’ you will see a switch under ‘Show the favorites bar’ which when flipped will enable the favorites bar.


If you want to import your bookmarks from a different browser, click the ‘Import favorites from another browser’ option.


You can import favorites from multiple browsers at once. Simple check the ones you want to import from on the next screen and click the Import button.


That’s all there is to process and your favorites will be imported within minutes. You don’t need to export them from other browsers since Edge can import them directly. That said, you might want to import them from an HTML file because importing them this way doesn’t retain the folder structure as far as technical build 10162 is concerned. Let’s hope they fix it in the final build.


  1. I get the import from Firefox, but they aren’t shown on the favorites bar regardless of what position the “Show the Favorites Bar” is in. The real pain is that I done it before but had to restore the system due to bad program up update.

  2. Horrid browser; no intuitive way to even SHOW the bookmarks and too many clicks to do anything. The Edge reductionist designers fail to understand the concept of ease of use vs. “look.” (Blocks Firefox import too!)

  3. First, the only browser choice is IE, the others are not there.
    Second, Edge returns error message “Cannot Import Favorites from Internet Explorer.

    I need some help from someone who is more tech savvy than me.

  4. When I click “Import favorites from another browser” it shows IE but not firefox. And afaict no option to import from html.

  5. only trouble is there is no option to go with the ‘icons only’…the descriptions are pasted beside the icon…..fills up the bar with just a few of your favorites in the bar showing…thisneeds to be fixed

    • I found the same issue!
      anyone knows if this has been fixed yet?
      and what’s up with the automatic re-organizing of the favorites in the favorite bar!!??

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