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Re-Enable Task Manager, Registry, RUN, And More When Disabled By A Virus

Re-Enable is a free portable tool for Windows developed by Tangomouse that enables Task Manager, Registry(Regedit), Run Command, CMD Dialog, Folder Options, and System Restore Configuration when disabled by a virus.

By now most of you will already know that viruses that disable such critical Windows features are very common. Once the virus disables any of the feature, common users have no choice but to reinstall the Windows or perform complicated registry changes. Re-Enable plans to change all this with a dead-simple and lightweight(64KB) tool.

When you remove the virus, the changes remain intact which means that if it has disabled any option then you will have to manually enable it back by following complicated procedures. Most procedures require changes in the registry, but what if the registry has been disabled by the virus itself?

With Re-Enable, it is very easy to enable back the options, simply select the options that you want to re-enable and hit Enable button. That’s all.


Download Re-Enable

It has been tested on Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7. It requires .NET framework to run. Enjoy!


  1. What conundrum?

    who ever posted this on here then thank you

    however i must stress that in windows vista you need to run as admin by right clicking it and selecting run as admin

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