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Encrypt Messages Using Combinations & Password With scrambled-egg

The internet has brought with it many advantages to the users, but there are certain drawbacks as well – one of them being ripping user privacy apart. scrambled-egg is an open source application which allows encrypting plain text messages and files by letting you select an encryption algorithm and text encoding combination. This combination, and optionally a password, can be applied to encrypt your text file or message.  The supported encryption formats include, AES, ARC2, Blowfish, CAST, DES3 or RSA, with encoding combinations from Base64, Base32, HEX, Quopri, string escape, UU, XML or Json formats. The encrypted text can be copied to clipboard or exported later in XML, JSON, UU file or PNG format. This adds an extra layer of security to your encrypted data, as decrypting it not only requires the knowledge of the password but also the combination used to encrypt the text.

scrambled-egg works in two modes i.e. Encrypt Mode and Decrypt Mode. To encrypt data, select Encrypt Mode followed by the encryption algorithm and encoding format. You can also enter a password for the text that is to be encrypted. The moment text is entered in the Encrypt Mode pane, you are provided with a preview of the encrypted form of the text in the second pane (Decrypt Mode pane). You can further refine your options for viewing the encrypted text by enabling Formatted text and No Tags option. The plain text visible in the Encrypt Mode window can also be viewed in HTML format by checking the Show HTML option. Once you have selected your encryption combination, click Decrypt Mode to copy the text from the second pane or use the Export option to save it in XML, JSON, or PNG file format.

Scrambled Egg  Live Crypt

To decrypt the data, the exact encryption combination will have to be selected followed by the password (if added). For example, let’s say you’ve encrypted a piece of text using ZLIB, Blowfish and HEX Codec and sent it via email to a friend. Your friend will require knowing this exact combination to decrypt the data, as well as the password. To decrypt the text, you can either import a file containing the encrypted text or paste it (to the Decrypt Mode pane) from the clipboard. The decrypted data will instantly appear in the Encrypt Mode pane once you have entered the right encryption combination.


scrambled-egg is available both in portable form and as an installer package. It works on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Download scrambled-egg

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