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Extract Software Product Keys From Windows Registry With LicenseCrawler

If you’ve searched for any license recovery utility in the past then you might know about Nirsoft’s famous ProduKey – which provides a simple solution to extract license keys from Windows registry. Today, we have stumbled across another software license extractor called LicenseCrawler which has been written to extract all the serial numbers and licenses saved in yours Windows registry.

The GUI based application also supports direct extraction of licenses/serials remotely, which means that you can extract license keys from any node connected with network. Even though you can remotely make use of ProdKey by manually specifying the source location, LicenseCrawler automatically lists down all the connected systems to let user decide where to extract product keys from. Furthermore, it offers license extraction for almost all installed software while letting you choose registry hive to be searched.

The application is highly portable, you an carry it in USB flash drives to easily extract licenses from any PC. To begin, launch the application and click Start Search. If you need to look for serials keys in remote computers, before staring the process, select one from Computer list. All the logical registry groups are present beneath it, you can select any hive to start off with. It will start listing down serial numbers in couple of seconds, however, the time it takes is subjected to yours Windows registry size and number of installed applications.

license crawler 3-2

Under File menu, you can save the extracted information into text format. As per testing results, on our Windows 7 x86 system, we found it be working fine. It supports all versions of Windows.

Download LicenseCrawler


  1. It’s possible to clean up the registry, removing all the excess entries that are no longer necessary. It’s possible to do t manually, but this is not recommended for those who aren’t really familiar with the Windows registry. You could end up doing a lot of damage, not to mention you really would have no idea what to look for anyway! The best solution is to use a Windows 7 registry cleaner software program. These tools are pretty safe and effective, although it’s definitely a good idea to make a manual backup of your registry and also create a new Windows restore point.

  2. I use the license crawler tool at my company and love the way to run the utility via command line. It is exactly what i was looking for. He provide the license informations without any problem in a command line mode or with a graphical user interface.

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