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FlipToast Is A Facebook & Twitter Desktop Client For Windows 8

Social networking is the craze these days. People spend more time socializing with each other in the online world than actually going out to meet one another. One reason for this change in social behavior is that fact that being online allows you to talk to and interact with a lot more people in a lot less time. For instance, if you want to tell all your friends something new about yourself, you can just set it as your status on Facebook, or tweet it on Twitter, and instantly, anyone who is a part of your network will know what is up. Sharing pictures is another important part of social networking. You can upload pictures in real time, where others can view them, like them, and comment on them. That sure seems like a better idea than inviting everyone over and showing them photo albums in order to know what they feel. However, having to deal with too many social networks take up a lot of your time. FlipToast is an app for Windows 8 that allows you to manage your Facebook and Twitter accounts from a single interface. It allows you to view activity on both accounts, post pictures, update statuses etc, without having to do it separately for each account.

In order to download FlipToast, open Windows Store and type “fliptoast” to search for the app. Once found, click it to access the description page.

FlipToast Store

On the main page, click the Install button available to the left. This will automatically download and install the app to your system.

FlipToast Page.png

The main interface of the application shows different types of activities grouped together in different columns. You can sign in to your accounts using the Twitter and Facebook icons available in the top right corner. Clicking the icons opens the Settings pane to the right side. You can sign in to your Accounts, set Permissions and Rate & Review the application. You may also set Notification and Lock Screen Permissions for FlipToast.

FlipToast Settings

While signing in to your accounts, you need to allow FlipToast to communicate with your Facebook and Twitter.

FlipBoard Facebook

Once your accounts are signed in, you have all the updates neatly divided into different groups. The groups offered by the app are Today’s Posts, Notifications, Photos Messages and Birthdays.

Fliptoast Main

Right click anywhere inside the application to reveal options for refreshing the data from your accounts, posting a text update, or posting an image to your contacts.

FlipToast Post

FlipToast works on both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows 8.


  1. Yes – we intend to tweak the app to adhere to the recent api requirement changes so that tweets are not displayed right next to other content. The app will still support easy access to both networks, however.

  2. I wouldn’t waste my time getting to like this as afaik the recent twitter api changes don’t allow you to display tweets alongside other content.

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