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Familiar: Real-Time Photo Sharing & Syncing Across PC, Mac, Android & iOS

Looking for an instant, easy and safe solution to sync or share photos with your friends and family members’ computers or smartphones in real-time? Look no further than Familiar – a free app for Windows, Mac, Android and iOS that connects you to your close ones so that you can easily share photos with each other over the internet. Regardless of the devices or OS that your contacts are using, Familiar lets you share images with each other through slideshows. In essence, it’s a private social network comprising only your most important contacts, and lets you like, comment on and save all the photos that you’ve shared with each other. Apart from real-time syncing of shared photos, the app keeps you apprised of the addition of new photos to your contacts’ albums via push notifications.


Familiar is a fantastic solution for all such users who are apprehensive of resorting to various social media sharing networks to share precious and private photos with just their beloved ones. It allows instant syncing of content across all the various devices and platforms, be it a computer or a mobile device. The mobile client of Familiar allows sharing photos that are captured from your device’s camera, or imported from the local storage whereas the desktop client also lets you import your Facebook photos that you wish to share with your contacts.

All you need to get into the sharing side of things is log in to the app using a valid Familiar or Facebook account. Next, send invitations to all the contacts whom you wish to include in your private club. For each individual contact, the app lets you select their respective relation to you. Once all your contacts have accepted your invitation, and you’ve managed to create a nice little circle of your most important contacts, you’re ready to enjoy the app’s features.


Any photo shared by one contact instantly gets synced to the devices of all other contacts (or your own multiple devices) regardless of whether they’re online or not. While the smartphone version of Familiar is restricted to just letting users swipe through their images in full screen, the desktop and tablet counterparts bring the additional option of displaying all your images via gorgeous full-screen slideshows. Along with each image, you can see the comments that it has received, as well as the names of the contacts who’ve liked a particular image.


The app’s main interface across all supported platforms lists all the added contacts by their names, and all you need to explore photos from a particular contact is to tap/click their name. Apart from that, the app’s main interface also contains a Photos I Love button, and a button to send invites to new contacts.


Whenever you love a photo, or make changes to you photo album, all other contacts receive notifications accordingly. If you’re using Familiar on a mobile device, you can download a photo and/or set it as a wallpaper right from within the app. From the app’s main settings screen, you can alter the app’s cache size, toggle the option to sync content over Wi-Fi only, and enable/disable the push notifications feature.


Familiar is available for free on both the Google Play Store and iTunes App Store. The desktop clients of Familiar can only be downloaded by users subscribed to the service. For subscription, you need to head over to the Familiar’s website (link provided below).


Download Familiar For Android

Download Familiar For iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

Visit Familiar

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