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Find, Download And Manage Latest Episodes Of TV Shows With TVTrigger Torrent Client

TVTrigger is a one-stop solution for organizing and downloading TV serials with an option to keep you updated with upcoming featured TV serials and shows. It is a torrent client that can can search, filter, and manage the TV serials while updating you on widely celebrated serials with total number of downloadable episodes. Additionally, it categorizes TV serials and shows in different genres, so you can easily search through the listings. If you like to keep tab on latest  TV shows, it comes with video feeds subscription system to let you know when recently broadcasted episode(s) of TV shows will be available for download.

TVTrigger has a nicely designed user interface with multiple tabs lined up at the top to quickly start searching, browsing and downloading selected TV show episodes. On the home screen, you will see featured TV shows with over 300+ episodes listings.

featured shows

From Browse tab, you can view all the available TV shows and serials with number of downloadable episodes. Here, you can initiate search by entering keywords underneath the tabs bar.

tvtrigger 2

The search feature allows filtering episodes by title and episode season & sequence number. At the right side, you can either choose specific source to show results from or enable all provided sources, which includes, VerTor, Btjunkie, and isoHunt. A click on search result will show torrent file listings with an option to download at specified location.

download 1

Whenever a new TV show is made open to public, it will notify you with a pop-up message over the system notification area. You can click the pop-up to instantly view episodes list and download them.

series added

You can disable notifications for new events and TV shows, make the app launch with Windows logon, change system tray notification icon, configure Torrent settings, and add or remove TV shows from Favorites list from Settings window.

Tvtrigger settings

TVTrigger torrent client is great for those who follow multiple TV serials. We feel that developer needs to add more torrent sources to broaden the search results horizon.

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