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How to install the Fitbit app on Windows 10

Activity trackers all have mobile apps. The apps are companion apps for the tracker that are used to update the firmware and sync data from the tracker to your phone. It will then upload the data to an online account you’ve created, allowing you to review it any time you want.

Fitbit Windows 10

Fitbit app on Windows 10

Activity trackers generally do not need a mobile app to work. They will work fine on their own provided you keep them charged. The apps are there because the tracker cannot store a lot of information and most of them cannot connect to the internet directly. 

To do all this, they rely on Bluetooth, and mobile apps. With Fitbit, you can skip the mobile app in favor of a desktop app if you’re using Windows 10.

Install Fitbit on Windows 10

The official Fitbit app for Windows 10 is available in the Microsoft Store. The app can pair with your Fitbit tracker, sync your data, and download install firmware updates when they’re available. 

  1. Visit the Fitbit Microsoft Store page in your browser.
  2. Click Get.
  3. Open the Microsoft Store app when prompted to. 
  4. Click Get.
  5. Fitbit will be installed.

Set up Fitbit device on Windows 10

You can set up your Fitbit device i.e., connect it to the desktop app, and sync data to it. You must have a Fitbit account. It’s free to create. You must also have the charging cable for your device to connect it and sync the data.

  1. Connect your Fitbit to your Windows 10 via the data cable.
  2. Open the Fitbit app on Windows 10.
  3. From the list of devices, select the device that you want to connect. 
  4. Agree to the terms of service.
  5. Click Set up device.
  6. Authenticate on the device if prompted to.
  7. The device will be connected to your Windows 10 system.
  8. Return to the dashboard and your data will sync.

Note: you can sync data via Bluetooth but when you first establish a connection i.e. add a tracker to the app, you will need the data cable. 


When you first connect your Fitbit the first time, Windows 10 may need to install drivers for it. Until those drivers have been installed, your device may not be detected by the Fitbit app. If that’s the case, disconnect and reconnect the device again after the drivers for it have been installed. The Fitbit app for Windows 10 supports a large number of devices however, if you own an older device or a device that is no longer sold, it may not be supported by the app. 

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  1. The windows app download link provided in the steps is not working. Each time I click it, it takes me to a blank page. I am trying it from India. Not sure if it generic issue or the app is not available in India only.

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