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Fix The ‘Setup Couldn’t Start Properly’ Error When Downloading Windows 10

You were downloading Windows 10 and as the download progressed to ninety percent Murphy’s law came into effect and the download failed, or your internet died, or your system crashed. There’s a small chance you can resume the download by running a small file in your C drive but even that isn’t a sure bet (still worth a try though). Assuming it doesn’t work, you’re obviously going to run the Media Creation tool again to start the download from scratch but the tool has problems of its own and it refuses to start, repeatedly telling you to reboot your system. If the tool continues to give the ‘Setup couldn’t start properly’ error, despite you rebooting your system, here’s how to get it running again.

This is the error you get once the Media Creation tool crashes and refuses to start again;


And here’s how to tackle it;

Step 1: Delete the Media Creation Tool. It’s small, only 18MB so don’t fret too much about it. You can always back it up before deleting it if you’re not willing to wait two minutes for it to download again.

Step 2: Restart your system

Step 3: Open your C drive and make sure you can view hidden files and folders.

Step 4: Delete the folders named; $Windows.~BT and $Windows.~WS


Step 5: Download the Media Creation Tool again (or copy it to your system if you backed it up some place) and then run it. It should run as normal and ask you the same questions as it did before and then start downloading Windows 10 files again (from scratch).

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