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Fix Windows 7 File Association

It happens that when a bad software corrupts the registry some of your files will stop opening. As a software tester who comes across such bad software on a daily basis, I can testify that this is one big annoyance that faces me daily. Once your registry becomes corrupt, it becomes difficult to associate a file with a program.

File Association Fixer is a free portable app that can fix the association of any particular file type. You will have to identify the type of file before using this app to repair it’s association. It is highly recommended to create a restore point before using this free little utility.

File Association Fixer

File Association Fixer Windows 7

It works with both Windows Vista and Windows 7. Upon launch, it will automatically detect the version of Windows you are using and then display the desired file association fixes. It contains 18 fixes for Windows 7 and 26 fixes for Windows Vista, a system restart is required after a fix is applied.

Download File Association Fixer


  1. Exactly, I came here to fix EXE file association and the application fixes everything else which I can change manually.

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