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Stop/Prevent Windows 7 From Deleting Thumbnail Cache

We discussed in our last post how it is annoying that Windows 7 will delete and recreate the thumbnail cache every time, thus, making it one of the greatest problem in the latest OS from Microsoft. We have a quick fix to this problem but still Microsoft should take serious notice of this problem and release an update in the next service pack.

By preventing Windows 7 from deleting the thumbnail cache, the photos, videos, music, and documents will preview faster since Windows will not need to delete and recreate the cache.

The trick is to deny access for all users to delete the thumbnail cache. Let me elaborate, head over to the Thumbnail Cache folder which is located at,


where {username} is the name of any user, such as, in my case it is Nakodari.

Now right-click the thumbnail cache folder which is “Explorer” and click Properties. Head over to the security tab and then click Advanced.

Explorer Properties

Click Change Permissions and you will find all users who have access this this folder listed.

Advanced Security Settings Windows 7

For each user, click Edit and check the box under Deny for: ‘Delete subfolder and files’ and ‘Delete’ as shown in the screenshot below.

Folder Permission Entries Windows 7

Permission Entry Windows 7

Doing this will create three new special permission entries as shown in the screenshot below. It is perfectly fine since you can always remove them later.

Special Permission Windows 7

This procedure will deny the users(including System) from deleting any files inside this folder, thus, the cache will remain preserved and also speed up the loading of the folders that contain videos, music, photos, and documents.

Please note that once you prevent the delete operation of the files inside this folder, thumbnails will not be deleted if you run Disk Cleanup or any 3rd party cleanup tool.

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