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Speed Up Windows 7 Folder Loading Time

Are you tired of the slow loading time every time you visit a folder in Windows 7? The loading is usually slow and takes long time if you have a folder with large collection music, videos, documents, or photos.

What happens when you open a folder is that Windows 7 starts caching all thumbnails, thus taking a lot of time. Ofcourse you can always change the view to List or Detailed to prevent thumbnail from being displayed and cached but this is not what most users are looking for.

One way to speed up loading time is to go to Properties of any folder and then navigate to Customize tab. Here under “Optimize this folder for” option, choose the content of the folder from the drop-down menu and hit OK.

Optimize Folder properties

For example, I have a folder called Random Stuffs that contain random documents, so I will choose Documents from the drop-down menu to optimize the folder and decrease the loading time.

Please note that the folder will automatically be optimized for photos if you have a folder that contain nothing except pictures and sub-folders with more pictures. The same is the case with Music and Videos.

An important question arises here, why does Windows 7 takes so much time to cache the thumbnails since they were cached the last time as well? As it turns out, Windows 7 will delete the cache and rebuild it from scratch every time a user changes the content of that folder.

Yes we know that it is a headache, this is why we have posted a fix to this problem here. You can always disable Windows 7 from deleting the cache, thus speeding up the loading time of your folders.

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