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How to use a folder name to rename files on Windows 10

One of the most important and consuming parts of managing files is making sure they’re named properly. It’s best that you give files a good name as you create them, and sort them into folders that tell you what they’re for. If you’re catching up on organizing files, you can start by creating folders and moving them to it. You can then rename them. It might be a good idea to give them the same name as a folder and there’s a simple way to automate it so that you’re mostly spending time on creating folders and moving files to them.

Use folder name for files

The simplest tool for the job is FocusOn Renamer. Download, install and run it. Assuming you’ve moved your files into a folder, the files will all be given the name of the folder that they are in. In the screenshot below, the files reside in a folder called ‘Dogs’. This folder itself is nested in another folder called ‘My test folder’. This ‘My test folder’ name will not be included when the files are named. Only the folder name that the files reside in will be considered.

Run FocusOn Renamer. There isn’t anything that you need to change in the app’s settings if all you want is for files to have the same name as the folder they’re in. You can add to the name though; open the ‘Select a template to add’ option and select one of the many types of items you can add/append to the file name e.g., size, date, etc. You can also change the file extension though we do not recommend using a file renaming utility to change the format of a file or convert it.

Click the ‘Add Files’ button and select all the files that you want to rename. Click Rename. The action won’t take too much time but it does depend on the number of files that have to be renamed. For files that are the same type e.g., PNGs, the app will add a number at the end to avoid duplicates.

This tool doesn’t work for folders so folders cannot be made to inherit the name of whichever folder they’re nested in. The biggest advantage of using this naming method is that even if you move a file to a different location, you will be able to figure out which folder it belongs to quite easily. If you tend to use different apps that all have their own naming convention, this app is a simple and quick way to give you files that have an easily identifiable name.

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