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How to open Folder options on Windows 11

File Explorer in Windows 11 looks different than it did in Windows 10. Beyond the rounded corners and new icons, the ribbon has also changed. It’s much more comprehensive and you will find that many buttons are simply gone. 

The ribbon in File Explorer was useful. It wasn’t cluttered with useless options and the new ribbon has removed quite a few of them. 

Folder options on Windows 11

Folder options on Windows 11

One of the more important buttons that have been removed from the ribbon on File Explorer in Windows 11 is the ‘Folder options’ button. It gave users access to an extensive list of customization options for managing how folders and files appeared in File Explorer, and also change certain behaviours of the app as a whole. 

Folder options have not been removed on Windows 11, and they can still be accessed.

1. Folder options on Windows 11 – File Explorer

Folder options can still be accessed directly from File Explorer on Windows 11. All you need to know is which button to click. 

  1. Open File Explorer.
  2. Click the more options (three dots button) on the ribbon.
  3. Select Options from the menu.
  4. Folder options will open.

2. Folder options on Windows 11 – Control Panel

Folder Options can be accessed from the Control Panel. The Control Panel remains a part of Windows 11 for now and it provides direct access to folder options.

  1. Open Control Panel. Methods used to open Control Panel in Windows 10 will still work in Windows 11.
  2. Go to Appearance and personalization.
  3. Click File Explorer Options.
  4. Folder options will open.

New/Changed folder options

Folder options are still present in Windows 11 however, small changes have been made to them. You may not see all the options that were present in Windows 10. The list of options in the View tab appear to have been trimmed a bit, or moved to other areas of the OS. This may mean that some items that users could customize can no longer be changed.


Windows 11 is more visual compared to Windows 10. You will find that many menus no longer have simple text labels for actions like copy, paste, or share. Instead, they’ve all been replaced with icons. The icons aren’t bad but Windows users have used menus with text labels/options. It will take time to learn these new icons and for them to become familiar enough that a user can locate and recognize them in a menu right away. If you’re exploring the early version of Windows 11 and can’t find an option where you expect it to be, look for an icon that might have replaced it.

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