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Free Grooveshark Downloader

From all the online music streaming websites out there, I prefer using Grooveshark the most. SciLor’s Grooveshark Downloader is a free tool to download all your favorite music from grooveshark.com. All songs are downloaded in mp3 format and saved in any user-defined directory, by default it saves in the same directory where the application is residing.

The usage can’t be easier. Just search for the artist or song name, select the songs to download, and hit Add to Download List. Once all songs are added in the Download List, hit Download.

Grooveshark downloader

One outstanding feature (which is not commonly added in such applications by other developers) is that it allows you to select the song naming pattern, this helps users since they do not have to batch rename the downloaded songs later.

grooveshark downloader settings

Download Grooveshark Downloader

[via Caschy]


  1. This is great, great for getting Grooveshark shut down… Grooveshark is an incredible service and this tool allows users to use the service in a way that was not intended and is probably not even close to legal. I’m disappointed that Addictivetips.com would publish this article and contribute to the death of something that is great.

    • I COMPLETELY AGREE. There are many sites intended to download music, it’s hard to find a song that is not available for download. Grooveshark should be used only for streaming.

  2. I’ve also used Songr in the past, but GrooveShark Downloader found me several songs that I was unable to find using Songr, Limeware, Torrent sites, or the Megaupload/Rapidshare type sites. And the simplicity and ease is amazing. Huge thumbs up from me!

    • Hi, thanks. I used to use Songr too. Grooveshark downloader helps me a lot to download my favorite songs. Recently I got a program which can help me not only record streaming music but also download music straightly. I think it deserves you to have a try too. Cheers.

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